3 Key Relationships That Will Hinder Your Success If They’re Dysfunctional

An old proverb advises, 'If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, create relationships people.'

Why Exhortations to Love Wives and Submit to Husband are not Going to Work

The other day, in a bus on my way home, I made a new friend. At a glance, on top of her great smile, she looked like a professional model. 

But going deeper, after catching up on ‘what are you doing in Nairobi’ and ‘where do you live’,  I realized behind that smile was a very sad and crushed heart.

Why You Must Stop Assuming People Will Appreciate Your Talent (And Do This Instead)

Each day, not just today, there are other many people doing the very thing you're good at, anticipating to win our approval. Why should we choose you from the many, who might even be better than you?  

For a while, I used to struggle with people out there, people I didn’t know, imaginary guys I believed should be loyal to reading my articles.

Don't Fight to be Original; We are all Thieves!

"If the heart surgeon used his time to discover which direction the blood flowed, he would be taking us back to the eighteenth century." 
- Dag Heward-Mills.

I love writing and one of the challenges I've wrestled with till recently is avoiding mimicking other people's styles and ideas. I often felt like a broad day robber. I wanted to be unique.

And that has spilled out to most parts of my entire life - from my video production styles to raising my daughter Hadassah to cooking pancakes.

I have since accepted the fact that great achievers never try to be original. Instead, they steal what masters have achieved and do it better.

Wedding Committees: Are They Really That Evil?

Ever found yourself willingly not in support or against the success of a wedding? Then you might as well count yourself among marriage opposers and breakers. 

Today I’m not happy.

I did a Google search on the phrase "Wedding Committee" and these were the first 9 articles that popped on my screen:

4 Lessons From I Can Sing Reality Show: Your Talent Ain’t Really What You Need

Yes you’re talented and therefore exited. But before you start dreaming of stunning people with your gift, note this truth that clearly emerged from the recent 1st episode of I can Sing Reality Show: It takes a lot more than your talent to make it in to the top.
Mercy Opande, the I Can Sing Reality show winner in action (Facebook)
 Am not very faithful when it comes to watching TV; I can actually be in the house for 48 hours without switching it on. 

But I did develop an interest for the recent reality show, I can sing, in a local station. This was largely informed by the fact that Mercy Opande, the winner of the competition is my long time friend and once a colleague when I worked for a local TV station 2 years ago.

If you had a chance to follow the reality show, you can easily agree with me, based on the weekly performances, the winner wasn’t the finest, or at least some of her competitors truly did a far much recommendable job on showcasing their talent: Better vocals than Mercy’s, great crowd movers than Mercy and often had awesome comments and feedback from the judges. I actually don't remember mercy topping in any performance; she was, in most cases last to be included in the proceeding team. But how comes Mercy won?

I think, more than that trilling feeling of the one I voted for winning, my greatest scoop was these few lessons I learnt from the show.

3 Easy Keys To Uncovering Your Calling

Each one of us is here to cause a change, or at least impact a few lives. We somehow have something to offer the world.

The tussle for many individuals has been how to uncover exactly what they’re meant to be. I share here 3 keys that if blended well will help you do exactly that!

Why We Must Stop This Dowry Payment Madness (And How I Overcame It)

Dowry should bind families together, not tear them apart.

I must confess that I am so perturbed by the excesses and levels of greed perpetrated in the name of dowry payment. Who bewitched us, the human beings?

I agree, dowry payment in itself is a noble process. But I think we've vilified and demonized it till it has become a dreadful venture.

Late last year, a young man was reported to have fled off a dowry negotiation meeting in Embu county, after the amount of dowry (commonly ‘baptized’ bride price) he was to pay was tabled.