The Tragedy In Living There

Looking forward to clear the primary school final exams, most of us thought it could be a great achievement, and when the day finally came, we celebrated, some by burning their books – and overlooked the junior students.

We were wrong.

Why You Must not Belittle Praying for Your Little Ones


Back in 1984, a local church in my village decided to engage in a missionary activity to evangelize to some remote parts that had not yet received the gospel.

How to Overcome 'Money Fights' in Marriage

The nature of exchanges I witness on discussions over ‘marriage and money’, especially on social
media and our media platforms, openly indicate the depth of wound money has caused many couples. Indeed, as it’s said, every marriage has a mole, and if it’s not money then it’s not a serious problem.

Before I got married, I went through a marital class on this issue with a very reliable and knowledgeable person. The lessons my wife and I learnt have proved to be very helpful as far as handling finances in our marriage is concerned. This is what I wish to share with you.

I am truly concerned of how most people handle money in marriage because, at the end of it all, most couples will only have two options to choose from: Either divorce or live together unhappily. If I’ll help one family from drowning, I’ll be a happy soul.

Stop Treating Life Like a Marathon; It’s a Maze!

I have observed with a lot of concern that most of us want to race through life. Take a moment and think: If your life was a marathon, then you’d clearly know both your starting and finishing points. It could also mean the faster you run, the faster you’ll get to your destiny, as it were. All you needed to succeed is to keep moving. But you can agree with me that reality on the ground has a different story all together.

Beware, The Barrenness of a Busy Life!

What’s a short life? How does it look like?

You see, last week, back in my village, we buried a very focused young man. He was my personal friend, very hard working and purposed to make a difference, not only in his life and family, but also to everyone he met.

Today, after a successful New Year celebration, I woke up to yet sad news of the death of another young man, Alex, again, a friend from my village. He is one expression of what working hard means. 

3 Simple Habits that will Revolutionalize your Productivity

1. Declutter your Mind

One destructive behavior common with most human beings is using their minds for storage.  Your mind was not meant for storage but creativity.

Unhappy with your finances? Here are 10 things that might help

1. Being Aware of your 100 bob is the main thing

Example: If you had 5,000 Shillings in your pocket, it might not be painful taking out 100. If you had 60,000, you may easily give away 500. You must avoid this! Betting companies ask you to invest ‘just’ 50 bob. It’s the ‘many’ 50 bobs that has made them millionaires. I once visited a friend who I could say is doing good financially, and we went buying milk for a cup of tea. Inquiring from the shopkeeper, we realized the price was 1 shilling more than normal cost. My friend asked we go to another shop. I asked him, “just for 1 bob?” He said, “Yea, until you appreciate 1 bob, you’ll never appreciate a million.” I’ve come to learn that to be true. If you’re despising your 100 bob, financial security might be a nightmare for you. 

Suppose You Don’t Take The Step?

‘It’s not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do,’ Said one Moliere. You must realize that there are people whose dreams are pegged on how 'good' you'll execute your life purpose

Credit: Arabs for Christ/FreeBibleimages.org
This morning I woke up examining a story that reminded me of a powerful note I wrote on my Facebook wall sometime back on why your current state is not necessarily an indication of what your destiny shall look like. Before I give you my morning thoughts, here is the note, in case you haven’t read it, and if you have, I think it’s a story worth a re-read:

Why your current 'bad' state doesn't reflect your destiny

One of the stories that keep amazing me is Ruth's.