Have You DONE Thanks, To God?

Early this morning a strong thought gripped my mind - the fact that 2013 is over, this being the last day. To many, it has been speedy. Ups-and-downs. Challenges-amid-achievements. Cries-and-laughter. Tough.

Amid all this drama, here we are again looking forward to another brand new year, 2014. Good.

I'm going to make this article short, just to remind us on the importance of remembering, and how to thank God for all He's done this year.

Your Heart Is Deceitful, Above All Things!

The Heart of Man
The heart is a very essential organ in the body of a human being. It’s the centre of life for all mankind; it controls the emotions and the will of man. In addition, the heart controls the thoughts and the words that proceed from the mouth of every man. 

In several occasions in the Holy Bible where God addresses the heart, He gives us a blueprint of the condition of the heart. The heart as referred to in the Bible represents the emotions and the will of man.

My 10 Favorite Bible Verses (That Have Impacted My Life)

Whenever we read the Word, we're inspired, encouraged, corrected and above all made better. And everyone receives as God, graciously, gives him/her. It's hard to point out the best verses, since they are many and all of God's word has a purpose to fulfill. But I've chosen from the many verses that have made a greater impact in my life and present them here. It's my sincere hope that you'll be blessed too!

Personal Growth: 3 Ingredients You Need Most

The real development we often desire in life is vigorous. It's a daily step-by-step growth that requires self discipline. Meaningful things in life seldom come in a silver platter.

And here I elaborate 3 essential ingredients you need to make any growth in life: Choice, Change and Climate.

1. Choice

In life every individual is on a race and we all choose our lanes. Choose to grow - NOW. You need to invest in you to be ready when your time comes.

Young Person, 3 Blindfolds You Must Keenly Watch!

Have you ever looked at a situation and you're like 'I wish I knew this earlier'? Most commonly at that point there is little you can salvage, if any.

First of all, may I state that I'm not really victimizing anybody. I'm basically presenting the cry of my heart - that we may all realize the full potential in us. This is a on-fact-article; kind of an eye opener.

As a matter of fact, I'm watching a number of older people regretting because they didn't do what they were meant to do at a given time. I'm sharing my observation so that you don't become such an example. In whatever state of life you are, no matter your class, sooner than you

Your Future Financial Security?! 10 Guidelines To Take You There

Talking of the four small wise things on earth, King Solomon says that ants ain't strong like people, 'yet they prepare their meat in the summer.' (Proverbs 30:25). The reasons are obvious, the ants won't be able to work during summer.

You can easily agree with me, anybody under 30 rarely thinks of future financial security, especially when talking about retirement. I being in this age bracket, I know for sure we've all these READY and PRESSING needs that we must meet; beginning a family, buying/building a house, getting a car, owning a plot somewhere, etc. That's good and approved. But when are you going to start thinking about your future? How

At Which Well Are You Waiting!

If you do remember, we did agree to sit and wait at well. In case this sounds news to you and you've not seen this photo on the right before, then you might need to read "Did You Meet Her At The Well Too" so that this article becomes more clear. 

It's actually one of my FB friends, Peter Talam, who aroused the thought that it's not enough just to be found at the well; but most importantly, one needs to know at what kind of well he/she is sitting.

How To Be Of Demand - To Your Boss!

Being the best at your workplace (and career in general) should be among your topping objectives. Yes, it's doubtlessly an exhausting venture considering how competitive the job market has grown with more people fighting for the very job you have.

Here I gather 8 straight-forward tips to help you maintain an upward trend and compel your boss want to retain, if not promoting you.

The Blessed 8: Are You In The List?

Who doesn't want to be happy?! Happiness is what we are all looking for. Young or old, rich or poor, educated or ignorant; everything we're doing is geared towards achieving happiness.

"Blessed" defines a state of well being, characterized by joy and true contentment. That's happiness.

Talking of blessed hope, I mentioned that these things (like what I'll share here bellow) appear to be foolishness, but the

3 Deadly "After-Committing Behaviors" That Will Kill Your Relationship

You loved this person. Followed. Waited. Endured patiently.

And he/she came at last. Accepted your desire to share your life with him.

2-5-17 months later, you are enemies. Soul-mates to enemies, not even friends. No more love. No more feelings. No more desire. What went wrong?

The Blessed Hope...Do You Have It?

Perhaps, nothing really moves my heart like a thought on eternal destiny of a soul; and for some reason, a soul of a young person - and the same is true to God.

Maybe it's because as young people we're at the peak of life where we're vulnerable to life pressures. Maybe because we're at a point of making major life decisions and just a decision can either make or destroy us - completely. Maybe because we can

Of the 4, Who Are You?

To me, and indeed all of us, life is a journey. We tend to drive towards a destiny, whether we know it or not.

As a day passes we make a step.

Being a journey, there are basically 4 categories of people riding on this vehicle:
  • Driver
  • Passenger
  • Baggage 

2 Life Principles Grandma's Demise Taught Me

The sting of death is truly painful, especially when we lose them so close to us; people who've effected our lives. People who've made an impact in us, and to whom our hearts have delved into and dined. 

That was the case when my sweet grand mum passed on 4 years ago.. Oh sweet grandma! It ain't a beautiful story, so I beg to stop there.

Nevertheless, her life and demise thought me two great life lessons which I'll share briefly.

Empowering The Youth To Be Job Creators

Uwezo Fund: All You Need To Qualify

For my fellow youth who've been wondering where to get a loan to fund that brilliant project, there is no more worry.

His Excellence the President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the Kshs. 6 Billion Uwezo fund this month  which is meant to help youth and women groups access funds as start-up capital for small and micro business. I'm basically doing this article to explain what you need to access the loans and to urge more youth to take advantage of these funds.

Measure Your Love For Others: 15 Gauge-Points

Love! So amazing!

Its nature, power and excellence!
It exceeds speaking the languages of angles. It's above all knowledge, even of the deep secrets of God. It's much better than the greatest faith! The virtue of giving to the poor can't be compared to love.

Love is meant to regulate our conduct towards others by intently considering the effects of our decisions on them.

In these 15 deep explanations, we'll explore the nature of love, what Paul calls the most excellent endowment of the Spirit in the 13th Chapter of 1 Corinthians (find time and read that chapter). Under each virtue, you'll note the vice you'll automatically overcome if you simply loved.

Are These Pot-holes Swallowing Your Time?

As human beings, we're wired to consider urgency first (things that demand our immediate response) before importance (things that add major bricks to accomplishing long term goals).

Remember it's not a behavioral trait, it's something we're naturally created with. But a successful story is not built of the many agent things we do but rather the few most important things we achieve.

Managing time is harder because it's simply harder to change this wiring within us; this

3 Key Life lessons From The Centurion

According to American Tract Society Dictionary, a Centurion is "a Roman officer commanding a hundred soldiers; similar to "captain" in modern times."

Whenever the title "Captain" is mentioned, we tend to shiver. But In the New Testament, several Centurions are mentioned with great honor. For instance, when Jesus was dying, the Centurion who stood by Him believed He was the son of God. This is what he said: Truly this man was the Son of God. We must probably have heard of Cornelius, "A devout man, and one that feared God with all

4 Most Effective Steps To Solving Relational Problems

The stability and success of any relationship or marriage  highly depends on both the commitment and maturity of the mates. As you grow together, life changes and the life you'll lead will be determined by how these emerging changes will affect you. 

For instance, if you get into a season of financial constrains, a mature, strong partner dedicated to the relationship will stand with you and therefore helping foster a great relationship. A weakling may surely break the relationship! The same may happen if you manage to move a step higher financially.

Thus each and every relationship or family has its own ups and downs; some form of force that

Consumer Or Producer?

I just realized a shocking scenario; No! A tragedy, depending on the weight you may give it. I've not grown that old, but when I was young, We used to invent games; talk of hide and seek, bano,...the great toys we created...Oh how I miss those days! We made our own football balls. Cha mama-cha baba! Wow so creative kids we were. If you know none of these child-age games, you may replace them with what you played...lol.

My shocking scenario is on the present kid. Aha! With play stations, tablets and automated toys. Notice the difference?

The Magic In "I'm Sorry"

One of my deepest desires, as the theme of this blog goes, is to join hands with the youth of my generation to form a mature, morally upright and responsible people. Young guys who can be trusted with responsibilities. Yea, a people who we can put some hope in, that in the near future they'll form a stronger company of adults who'll run not just the economy of this world, but also the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Oops! Where does "I'm Sorry" come in here?!

Ok. One way we can achieve this goal is by learning to develop strong and  healthy relationships

Time To Switch Over?!

For the sake of parents or the elderly who may come across this article, may I start by saying that parents, guardians and the society play a critical role in molding a person.

Our mannerism, character, way of viewing life and core values mostly depend on where, how and by whom were we brought up. So it's my sincere request that each person ought to respect their backgrounds, honor their parents and families, and never look down upon their culture.

It's true, corruption is rampant in the country; it’s no miracle if young people follow suit because that's the system we've been

Bachelors And The Kitchen

Today I invite all men for a men talk...hah...I love this!

From the many mentions I've heard, it's like most men are really annoying in the kitchen. I can't prove that, now that I'm not married, but it's one thing I'd love to experience. I love cooking and I guess it shall be a disaster if my wife shall not be comfortable with me being around her kitchen. But either-way, am getting prepared.

Away from a couple's kitchen, we shall cross the bridge when we get there. Let's concentrate on a bachelor's kitchen and why

Please, Don't Swing Your Legs!

There's a wise Swahili proverb that says "ukibebwa usilevyelevye miguu." Its direct translation is: When being carried, don't swing your legs about. I guess it's because whoever is carrying you may get weary and maybe feel their efforts are not appreciated. Needless to say, the result definitely won't be beautiful.

I'd love to address one negative trait so evidence in a good number of people: Being unappreciative when hosted. It's really hard to understand why them being helped act like they don't need help? I do pray we view

Could You Be Slowed By Chains?

One of my favorite thought and passion these last two months (and still in me) is breaking away from entangling chains. 'Break Every Chain' by Tasha Cobbs has been my best song; I even made it my ringtone to make sure it sinks deed into my nerves.

May be you're good, but for me I realized I've a number of chains I must contend with. Some are huge indeed, but thank God He has given me a formula.

Now listen: Do you put more

Credibility: Can Anyone Follow You?

Can Anyone Follow You?
We always have a shop we buy our essentials. There is a barber or salonist we like visiting. We can't lend things to some friends, while we can readily give out to others. You've your favorite mechanic who checks your car. Parents are so choosy on the school their kids should join.

Why the 'partiality'? It's about the credibility of the providers of these goods and services.

Then the question goes, how much can people trust you for the resources they put in your hands? Can we invest our time, money and energy in you? It's a question all employers want to answer whenever you're

That First Step!

For a long time, I've realized that what really stops us from advancing is the picture in our minds on how something is supposed to be.

 Since we're humans, we always want certainty before starting anything; have a certain degree of hope that we won't fail. So we keep on painting this picture, tossing it from this corner to another. And the more we do this, the more impossibilities that will emerge. This has prevented many from taking that crucial first step, locking up great ideas, projects, relationships, businesses, and many other beautiful things.

Did You Meet Her At The Well, Too?

Very fast, before all ladies throw stones on me, may I say that question can be re-framed to: Did you meet him at the well too? What a title ladies and gentlemen!

It's amazing the kind of love stories and romance witnessed at the well sides throughout the Bible. And it appears to me, mostly, whenever a well is mentioned in the Bible, the word "maiden or damsel" follows closely. And we can all agree those are beautiful words. Aren't they?

I decided to do some research and I marveled at how wells were a meeting point

Are You Complaining Too Much?

Last week I promised to do you an article on complaining, and here it is! (Clap for my faithfulness! lol.) Thanks if you did clap.

Before we paint an ugly picture on this subject, may I say that complaining can be good and a source of healing, sometimes. Therefore there are two types of complaining: Instrumental and Expressive.

Instrumental complaining seeks to find a solution to a problem. For instance, if your boss complains of your late coming or inconsistency in producing quality work, then he's intending to put the working etiquette in

Understanding Eternal Judgment: Part IV

This is the last part of the series on understanding eternal judgment. On the 3rd part of this series we looked at the 3 times of Judgement, 3 locations of judgment and the 2 divisions of people who shall appear before eternal judgment. 

This 4th part is the shortest of all and focus to explain the final destiny of the righteous and the wicked. For a better understanding of the same, we have a good number of Bible references; the beautiful thing is

6 Things You're Doing That Will Never Help You!

Over a long time, I've realized there are a number of things we passionately engage in, spend a lot of our precious time and/or money, but yet gain very little or nothing at all.

The result is a wasted life. Wasted opportunities; Time we willingly pour to a drain.

Today I wanna share briefly the 5 things which we enjoy doing thinking we're progressing, but in the real sense we're stagnant or making tortoise moves.

Identity: The Source of Fights Within You

A time comes in life when one is exposed to extraordinary difficulties. When you can't go forward nor retreat. All you can do is be there. Clueless. Somebody out there ever been in such a fix? That moment life feels empty and useless?

This is the time suicide thoughts become the only solution. The time big dreams are aborted, and people literally go insane. Today I want us to look at why the fights within yourself and why your identity is the most sought thing, and why you MUST fearlessly guard this identity.

My 10 C's Of Relationships & Marriage

I've done a number of wedding coverage and I've been compiling the wealthy advice given in the sermons. 

Today I thought of dropping a small portion of my compilation in quick-point-form. Sure, you can find many C's of anything, but here I choose the cream from my list. I guess this is my shortest post ever, yet very informative.

And here goes my 10 C's of relationships and marriage:

Understanding Eternal Judgement: Part III

Welcome again!

On our second part of this series, understanding Eternal Judgement,  we studied the principles of divine judgment and why judgment shall take place. Today we're looking at the 3 times of Judgement, 3
locations of judgment and the 2 divisions of people who shall appear before eternal judgment. Polite  notice: The post shall be slightly longer! (but not so long..haha).


A) The Times of Judgment

The Bible indicates there is a past, present and future judgment.

6 Basics of Money Discipline You Must Know

The financial heights one can ride doesn't necessarily  depend on the amount of monthly income s(he) pockets. This is a fact, you can tweet it for free!

It's always a sad story finding out you're struggling with the same financial problems month-in month-out. One may rush to blaming the boss for a small salary. The truth is you can actually do much using your current income. The principles are the same whether you have much or less; the figures don't matter as such (I know you're contending with that...stop! lol!)

So, how can you achieve much with the bird at hand? Here I discuss six basics of money

My Confession

As a youth, life presents me with many opportunities at once, and to me that is first a BLESSING and (please allow me to say,softly) a curse.

I guess, one of the biggest nightmares I've ever faced, and indeed true to the people of my age group, is the headache in deciding which path to walk from the many paths life presents in many spheres. I know we always want to look smart, achievers and strong. But the truth is, within us are strong battles; contending with decisions, fears-amid-courage, tides running through our

Understanding Eternal Judgment: Part II

I want to believe, if we're following this series, that by now we've understood the seriousness of the matter of eternal judgment. On the first part of understanding eternal judgment, we defined the term judgment, learnt who's the judge in this great world occurrence, and lastly saw that the standard by which we all shall be charge is God's word.

In this second part, as promised in part one, we're going to study principles of divine judgment and why judgment shall take place.

The Principles Of Divine Judgment
World Principles of judgment vary from nation to nation. The standard may vary from state to state within a nation and from city to city. Worldly principles of judgment and punishment vary

The Concept of Camera Focusing

In the article "Young, gifted and slack", Dominic Barton, Managing Director of McKinsey & Company, argues that one of the biggest problems facing the world in 2013 is the prolonged - and seemingly intractable - crisis of youth unemployment. 

In a recent McKinsey survey, Dominic says that some 40% of employers reported that they struggle to fill entry-level jobs because the candidates have inadequate skills and without a remedy for this mismatch of demand and supply, we forecast that by 2020 there will be a global shortfall of 85m high- and middle-skill workers for the labour market. 

Almost all of us can agree that's very true, and this is the question I'd love we address in this article since we truly need skilled young people to take this economy to another level.

I'm a videographer by profession (but I must confess blogging is taking shape too -lol). And before you run away, I'm not about to list my skills and professions. I want to freely and generously pour a simple concept from my profession that I practice almost daily, and how, if employed correctly, can help make a critical life choice for a promising skillful youth generation.

Understanding Eternal Judgment: Part I

This is the series of the study on foundation principles of a Christian faith. Last week I did an article that served to call us to meditate on the magnitude of eternal judgement (Worth Thinking Twice: Eternal Judgment), and here we begin a journey to understand what God expects of us as far as eternal judgment is concerned.

Eternal judgment is the last of the six principles mentioned by Paul in Hebrews 6:1-2

Since the topic is intensive and I'd love we digest every bit, I've divided it to 3 posts. In this fist part of the study, we shall seek to understand what is eternal judgment, the judges involved and the standard by which we shall be judged. This is a soul surgery article, so we expect it to pierce a bit.

Why You Must Protect Your Future As A Youth

I love youth life because it presents a big opportunity to take control of my future and decide what it shall look like. We can't count examples of people around us whose lives are wrecked and in "bad" condition simply because they allowed others to determine their destiny some few years back.

In this article we’ll explore the importance of being firm in deciding your future and the 3 main areas you must make wise decisions. I'm likely to be firm (or should I say harsh, lol!) at some points, but please bear with me, it is the only way to drive the point home.

Worth Thinking Twice: Eternal Judgment

Minutes elapse. Days pass. Years fade. And life goes on well. 

We wake up, sleep. Eat, drink. Buy, sell. Life is normal.

This normality easily leads us to forget of the most important component of life: Ultimate resting place of individual souls, which is determined by eternal judgment.

Until we truly get to understand the magnitude of the coming judgment, we may not fully know how  to wisely spend this gift of life on earth.

10 Simple Ways Of Nurturing Customer Loyalty

It's a know fact: It's easier getting your customer do a second buy than creating a new customer. 

That's why nurturing and maintaining your customers is vital to your business growth.

It's an art anyone can learn and apply easily. The following 10 business rules will help make your customers glued to you. Practice them and I will surely  promise you truly loyal  customer.

Why Judging Your Partner Might Kill Your Relationship

It's all merry when a relationship begins because the individuals are showing the best of their character (by default, lol). Each one is high and really committed in doing the best for the relationship. 

As you share and grow in love, the other side of the coin starts to reveal; the inconsistency in him, the impatience in her, and the negatives you'd love never to be spotted in your partner. Then you are like, "oops! I didn't know this!" This is when a judgmental mind begins to crop.  

Why your good relationship might die
At the moment of judging, definitely your moods are low and none of you really wants to stay around. This wears out a certain degree of intimacy and you feel like you're beginning afresh again. If the judgment is done frequently, then you can imagine the amount of damage done to your relationship. Corrosion gets deep especially when you're that type that can remember long forgiven mistakes even if you discussed and settled them. A gap is created between you and the wider it gets the colder your love gets. Finally you can't tolerate your partner because you see more 'negatives' than good in him/her. Then you decide to call it quits.

The True Reason For Living

When I began thinking about success, like 11 years ago, I read one small book of which I can't remember neither the author nor the title. Its front cover had this photo of a double door and some sunset. 

But there's one thing I'll forever remember about that small book: A principle the author gave, among many, on how to succeed, and this is how he put it: 

"I can't explain how this works but one major secret to multiplying what you have is by subtracting it; if you have three oranges, give one away and they'll multiply." I know that sound like madness and I totally agree with you.

Main Secrets To Stress-free Living

Most of us, once in a while, have coped with stress. It is this situation that makes you feel threatened; a demand so overwhelming that you can't bear on your shoulders.

Stress can cause severe effects in your life and it's evidenced by negative impressions in your mood, relationships, productivity at work and even on personal health.

Stress should be managed at early stages to avoid stepping into chronic stress. This paves way for high blood pressure which can lead to stroke and heart attack. Chronic stress too may lead to faster aging, which I'm persuaded is not welcome by anybody. This is why you can't afford to assume the slightest stress. Doing so is building a fire for yourself.

5 Major Reasons Youth Fail in Projects - Avoid Them!

With various movements to empower the youth and lower unemployment rates, coupled with the advantage technology presents, young people start millions of projects yearly. The sad story is most of them fail. The Kick off is usually smart, the goals are well set and they do progress for a while.

The intentions of beginning these projects may be different, but there are common reasons why they don't make it up the ladder. Bellow I discuss 5 major reasons why youth fail in their projects.

Resurrection From The Dead

Photo By Big Book Media
We've been doing a study of the foundations of the doctrine of Christ recorded in Hebrews 6:1-3. So far
we've dealt with Repentance from Dead Works and Faith Towards God. It's important to understand this principles since they form the basis of your faith in Jesus Christ.

In the study of the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead, the Bible takes us by revelation beyond the present time into the future of eternity.

By the act of creation, God brought the present world into

The Price Of A Real Father

We surely need to be courageous and by that, never show fear, at least for a man. But may I confess that I do shiver a bit whenever I take time to think of what it takes to be "a good father and husband" - ideal one as expected of God.

Our prisons are full of men and women whose lives were put on jeopardy by men who provided wounds instead of love. Men who never cared in one way or the other; never took the responsibility to build a stable family and instill the necessary morals.

I know there are women who have gone through much pain trying to close the gap neglected by men(May God truly bless you!).

Young men, we can't follow this path; we can do something before it's past tense. 

I've gone through a vigorous research in trying to understand what is expected of me as both a father and husband. And in this article, I'm presenting 3 critical responsibilities any man DESIRING to make a godly father and husband must commit to accomplish:

Faith Towards God Part II: Types of Faith

Without faith, it's impossible to please God, the Bible states. But as anything on earth, there are different types of faith and not all are God-centered. So which faith do you have? Will it enable you to please God and accomplish His will?

This post is a continuation of the article I recently presented on Faith Towards God, the second foundational doctrine each christian requires. I do say presenting because, as I said on previous articles on this series, I'm tapping this from my Spiritual dad, Apostle David Juma.


We will examine six types of faith to understand what is required of you as far as Faith Towards God is concerned:

Your Online Content...It May Haunt You One Day!!

One thing we almost do forget (or don't know) is internet has a looong memory. All the comments we've made, the bad and good photos, scandals, contributions, what others are saying about you...majorly everything is kept in memory. Safely, by the way. All the "bad stuff" you've put online may come to haunt you one day.

Imagine you have done an interview and passed excellently. Then you realize you've not been given that post or even called for a second interview. Only to realize that the hiring staff came across a certain negative post you made on Facebook two years ago, and that was it.

Choose With The Mind... And Let The Body Follow..

Change the mind, fix the concept of the brain and watch as the body obeys.
If Christ said you can do all things through Him who strengthens you, its because you can.
Being obedient to God is not hard.