How To Increase the Worth Of Your Time Spent Online

Online is richer and more generous than any parastatal or company you've ever known. Each day countless ideas are passed on and trillions of money exchange hands. Internet is an employer to many people. But most are its clients. It's either you're gaining or losing. And the main commodity is TIME. How do you spend time online?

It's important to note that each time you're surfing, somebody is making money somewhere. Nothing is free other than

Why You Must Join A SACCO While You Are Young

I must confess I always feel out of place whenever I attend any of my annual SACCO meetings, not because they do announce our shares, but because more than 90% of the attendants are elderly people. In one of the meeting, during a lunch break, one elderly lady approached me and said, "You have done the best thing by joining the SACCO while you're young."  And our story did last for some time.

That's why I'm writing this article.

Repentance From Dead Works

Before I go on presenting this article, I'd love to very much thank my spiritual dad, Apostle David Juma of Life Church Int'l, for allowing me to use his resourceful material for this post. That's why I said I'm presenting as opposed to writing. Thus I dedicate this article to him.

I'm not used to writing long articles, but I had to make this slightly longer to cover the topic effectively.

So, what are dead works? What is repentance from dead works?

Hebrew 6:1-3 lists principles of the doctrine of Christ on which a

Looking Into The Future, Will Your Marriage Stand The Storms?

I've recently been wondering what kind of marriages my generation will make. As of now, over 60% of marriages in Kenya end up in divorce and averagely 50% of the new couples in this digital world separate within the first year. Maybe this explains why you’ll be considered married after 6 months of union. 

Amid this ugly drama, young people highly anticipate to make a storybook out of their marriage. I guess the big question is, ‘what will you do so that yours won’t feature in the 60% bracket?’ 

In this article I’m going to explain some insights on how we can get prepared and make the right steps to salvage our relationships.

How Jesus Will Satisfy Your Deepest Needs

With huge tides hitting against us daily and hope for tomorrow uncertain, it is easier to forget that there is a person who is truly concerned with even our lives. He's actually present to help out. In 4 sharp clear points I am going to illustrate 4 ways through which Jesus satisfies our deepest need.

1. He says you matter to Him

Deeper inner satisfaction comes when we know that truly the creator of heaven and earth loves us individually with incredible love. Casting crown sang and said, "Whom am I, that the Lord of all the earth, could care to know my name...the voice that calms the sea ...calm the storm in me, could care to feel my hurt!" You matter to him! No wonder he died for you!

The Law Can’t Nullify The Promise!

That’s a beautiful statement; the law can’t nullify the promise. 

This is a fundamental topic in today’s Christianity, now that religion and good works seem to replace the grace. And it’s a topic so dear to to me. It burdens my heart realizing that many of us are subjected to the law; Don’t do this, do that, must do it this way, and God has said. 

In a few lines, I’m going to explain why you must not get

Long Distance Dating: Top 6 Tips for Survival

A long distance relationship isn’t something anybody can fancy. We all dread it and there are enough reasons to that. If you’ve not been into one, you may not understand the hustle and tussle involved.

Nevertheless, distance isn’t always bad, and you can turn it to your advantage. As strong wind perpetuates a bonfire and blows off a candle, so does distance perpetuates big love and kills small ones. And you know strong wind won’t be coming from a mile away!

Do You Have Your Ticket?

I belong to one evangelistic group called Partners In Christ (PIC). It’s a group you’ll definitely fall in love at first sight. This is linked to its liveliness, hospitality and passion in what it’s called to do.

All we do is go for missions around Kenya, preach this gospel and have fun. I can repeat that, have fun preaching this gospel.

Slideshow: PIC Mission to Mutuini Village

To most of PIC Missioners, the mission to Mutuini Village at Lenana was the most successful and enjoyable. Though we faced major challenges like heavy rains and language barrier, God was gracious enough to harvest for himself 200 souls! Here is the slideshow, enjoy!

Passion: The Wild Horse In You

Perhaps, one most important thing you don't know is that YOU and your PASSION  are two different  things all  together. That's why everybody, especially the youth, is looking for this animal. When you meet it, you relax and start envisioning how together you can build that big-beautiful-blissful future.

The part we all understand is passion can  take you places, prosper you and give you a 'cool' life. What we forget is that

Why Young Christians?

In 1 John 1:14, the Bible records,
"...I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong..."

Being strong, John meant the young men were qualified to actively participate in various ministries. They had energy and vigor.