How Jesus Will Satisfy Your Deepest Needs

With huge tides hitting against us daily and hope for tomorrow uncertain, it is easier to forget that there is a person who is truly concerned with even our lives. He's actually present to help out. In 4 sharp clear points I am going to illustrate 4 ways through which Jesus satisfies our deepest need.

1. He says you matter to Him

Deeper inner satisfaction comes when we know that truly the creator of heaven and earth loves us individually with incredible love. Casting crown sang and said, "Whom am I, that the Lord of all the earth, could care to know my name...the voice that calms the sea ...calm the storm in me, could care to feel my hurt!" You matter to him! No wonder he died for you!

2. He has a plan for your life

He said that before you were formed in your mother's womb he knew you (Jr 29:11). Despite what you're going through he has got much good for you. He simply did not create you
to suffer. Walk on His line; He is faithful. He has a Plan - just for you!

3. His grace is greater than all your failures

"There is now no condemnation for them that are in Christ Jesus" Rom 8:1. Those are beautiful words. Forget all the wrongs you've committed; Jesus is not here to condemn you but to show you mercy, freedom and forgiveness. And he's committed to maintain the relationship. You might have made a million miles from him, but you need just a step towards him; because he has been following you!

4. One day Jesus will make a complete total end to sin

Jesus has a plan to save us completely from this pain. Sorrow, sickness and death shall be destroyed. It'll be a thing of the past. It will be heavenly bliss and you!

So what next? Jesus cares for you. He has said he loves us and, trust me, he's careful to keep his word. He's not a human being.Take a moment thank Him for his love and satisfaction that surpasses human understanding. And if you've not yet received Jesus Christ you can seize the opportunity. Also feel free to contact me through this blog. Jesus is there all for you!