How To Increase the Worth Of Your Time Spent Online

Online is richer and more generous than any parastatal or company you've ever known. Each day countless ideas are passed on and trillions of money exchange hands. Internet is an employer to many people. But most are its clients. It's either you're gaining or losing. And the main commodity is TIME. How do you spend time online?

It's important to note that each time you're surfing, somebody is making money somewhere. Nothing is free other than
oxygen. You are using someone's materials, tools and resources and you're paying in terms of time, the only common commodity
between the poor and the rich; PRODUCTIVE TIME.

Let's discuss how to gain with internet, now that we all know how to lose.

1. Join G+

May be you have heard something called Google+ (G+). It's a platform, similar to Facebook but the difference is the content. Facebook is a great tool indeed, and the most successful social network so far, having clicked 1 billion active users by 2012 and it's still growing. But honestly, if I open my G+ account, I'll see something like "how to double your AdSense earning", while on the Facebook account I'm likely to read, "What a cold morning!"

G+ groups people to circles and communities, which helps you connect with like-minded people. People who are willing to freely pour out knowledge and wisdom gained in many years of sacrifice. You'll always see questions like "how can I do this...who knows how to...what are the steps...what does this verse of the Bible mean...?" Again, these guys are making money, they call it passive money, and the more you stick your mind around them, the sooner you'll be like them.

Another platform I'd advocate one to join is Linkedin. Here you'll find more than 200 million professionals exchanging ideas, information and opportunities. They will help you understand your field better and discover new opportunities.

2. Find a part-time job online

As I said, trillions of money exchange hands online each day. Part of this come in form of outsourced job. The opportunities are endless. You can earn by freelancing, selling stock photography, blogging, stock exchange and many more. Generally you can do almost anything online. Simply Google "how to make money online" and trust me you will be amazed of the potential jobs at your disposal.

To get a clear picture on this, read "How I Paid my Varsity fees With Online Money." It tells of one young man who internet has paid his varsity fees, paid his bills and sustained him after the sad demise of his dad left him with the burden. Despite spending five year taking Engineering degree at Kenyatta University, he has decided to make internet his full time job because, he says, none can pay him better.

 Now, I know at times making a change is hard, because the present systems are rooted in us. Personally I do use Facebook because I have valuable friends there. But I really check, I repeat, I really check how much time I'm spending on any platform. Before pressing the Mozilla icon, or Google chrome, it's advisable to ask yourself, "what am I going to do online?" We can change for better and make good use of our time, It's an investiment, time being the biggest and most expensive resources available.

But don't die obsessed with making your internet interaction "valuable". Have some entertainment. Go have some exercises, read your bible and visit a friend. Only calculate the value of the time you're giving out. Be cautioned, spending a lot of time on a screen will affect your eyes!

Back to you: What is your experience on spending time online? Has it been profitable? Share you story on the comment box bellow, and hit that sharing button to reach our friends!