Long Distance Dating: Top 6 Tips for Survival

A long distance relationship isn’t something anybody can fancy. We all dread it and there are enough reasons to that. If you’ve not been into one, you may not understand the hustle and tussle involved.

Nevertheless, distance isn’t always bad, and you can turn it to your advantage. As strong wind perpetuates a bonfire and blows off a candle, so does distance perpetuates big love and kills small ones. And you know strong wind won’t be coming from a mile away!

So, how can you survive the storms of long distance dating? In this article, I'm going to share 6 proven tips to help you go over the huddles till you both say ‘I do’.

#1. Commitment

This is worth repeating: Commitment. Long distance dating is hard and therefore, trust me, it takes total commitment from both of you. Making that call, mostly on daily basis and on odd hours, sending that gift. Love isn’t meant to be shown out but felt. Do something! Regularly. Let your partner know, see and feel that you are committed to that relationship.

#2. Communication 

Very important. Only communication can disapprove the common saying: out of sight, out of mind. Let your beloved know they are loved, missed and appreciated. When far away, one feels insecure and this isn’t anything to be given a chance to bud in your hearts. It is important to note here that this communication needs to be genuine and authentic; the true feeling of the heart. DON”T FAKE IT! Faking has its consequences!

#3. Have a Plan

You both know you’ll be apart for this period of time. Having a plan as to what to do when and how is of paramount importance. But it’s good to be fair to each other and accept the outcomes of your plan, especially when you don’t achieve them. When and how should you meet? For how long are you dating? What happens if something crops in between your plans? These are some of the questions you must answer while together. Please don't under-estimate them.

#4. Point out Mistakes

 I have found this to be one big contributor to the breakage of many common relationships, leave alone long distance relationships. You are not happy with something? Point it out, plainly. Don’t pile any misunderstanding; deal with it as soon as it creep in. Be careful to be open and honest. Try to be reasonable and flexible, knowing that your partner is human and thus may take time to understand. At times you may be the one on the wrong side; it's advisable to be considerate.

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#5. Maximize on Any Date

Yes you are several miles away and probably very busy, but you must plan how to meet on a regular basis. When you do, please do understand the importance of that date. Spend quality time together, pray, play, eat, share. Let the moment wash away all those long days and nights you've been apart to replenish your spirits and energies for another period of staying away. Use this time to iron out any wrinkles that might have formed and spell out any negative spots. But above all, have good time; greater percentage of your time should be used to build your relationship.

#6. Pray for one Another

The last but the most. For me, them I can’t reach physically, I reach them through prayers. I’ve not found anything so powerful as prayers. And it works. Let not a day pass before you mention your soul mate before Jesus. Share prayer items, pray over the phone, share Bible verses. A verse pleased you this morning? Share it! Tell your testimony. Email the beautiful articles you’ve read. All these show that you do care for the spiritual welfare of your mate and, above all, introduces a third party (God), giving Him a chance to intervene in your relationship. It's said, "a rope of three strands is stronger than the one with two."

These tips may necessarily not make your long distance dating miss specks, but I strongly believe they’ll help foster it till you are permanently together. You shall also build a strong foundation in case distance separates you again later in marriage. It is my sincere hope, wish and prayer that you’ll make it.

Back to you: Do you know of other tips that can help safe long distance relationship? Do you have any experience? Please share your wisdom in the comment box bellow. Also remember to hit the share button to reach our friends.