Passion: The Wild Horse In You

Perhaps, one most important thing you don't know is that YOU and your PASSION  are two different  things all  together. That's why everybody, especially the youth, is looking for this animal. When you meet it, you relax and start envisioning how together you can build that big-beautiful-blissful future.

The part we all understand is passion can  take you places, prosper you and give you a 'cool' life. What we forget is that
passion can equally eat you up, completely destroy your life and even kill you! Passion is a wild horse; full of energy with few skills and interaction. 

Look at a young man with this new business idea. He starts thinking how he'll make great money if his business stood. All over sudden he decides to resign his job - in any case he's not happy with his salary. Soon the reality hits him; creating his dream job wasn't that easy. I almost became a victim, I'll tell you what helped me.

A young couple passionately gets into a marriage without proper consideration. May be they'd this good source of income and everything seemed to run well. To their shock they realize marriage is demanding more than they thought. 

Oh passion! A wild horse indeed!

A wild horse can only be useful if it's broken. Otherwise  the cowboy will have really tough time handling it. That's what you need to do with your passion. Understand it. Harnessed it.Tame it. Then use it.

Understanding your passion

The first step to making you passion useful is discovering and getting to understand it. This is a lifetime issue and thus worth taking your time. I'm a big encourager of young people to finding their passion. I have noticed, for many reasons, many of us are daily engaged in what we don't enjoy doing, most definitely, in places we don't want to be. Sad enough, it may continue for a lifetime.

Passion is basically  this intense feeling or emotion that compels you to have a feeling or a desire for something, or somebody for that matter. It's a force drive. Passion causes excitement and great admiration. Don't you think such a force can rip your breath?

Identifying your passion can be easy if you take time to analyze yourself.  Look at your obsessions. What is this that can get you out of your blankets at midnight, or keep you awake all the night? What topics are you fond of following? You here of something and your mood lightens. That's your passion. Write these points down then connect them to your career. At times they may be parallel to what your career sites especially if you were forced into getting into a certain line study.

Taming your passion

This is the most important part, and where most of us get it wrong. Don't get too exited and get running immediately you discover your passion - or seem to have discovered. Lol

As I said, this is a wild horse and you don't jump to ride it the moment it gets into your compound. You'll be shocked.

You're with this animal forever

You and your passion can stay together for good depending on how you'll nurture your relationship. So why rush? I guess, desiring to ride a wild horse on the first day can make it look for ways to run away, or can seriously injure you - or kill you as well. You're exposing it to unknown tricks, though that's what it's meant to do. Let it learn some skill.

Likewise, take time to build skills into your passion and career. Understand the traits, characteristics, personalities, and anything that will help you get more from your passion. TAKE TIME.

It may get back to the forest - Don't Panic

The best way to realize that you're not one thing with your passion is when it leaves you. There's this morning you wake up and you realize you completely don't have any desire to do what you've been craving for. It's the same thing with loving a person; this day you really don't have the 'feelings' for that person you were dying for. 

Understand, like a wild horse, passion can 'have a walk' and leave you. All you need to do is call it back. It's your friend, find ways and means to bring it back home. If you get discouraged, assume it will come back or worse still lock your compound, your horse might go forever.

Or you may get troubled, wast time wondering why you got yourself into such a nightmare. Why did you begin that business. Why didn't you follow this or that path. Don't misunderstand, CALL IT BACK.

Get help - Like-minded people

This game requires you surround yourself with people with the same passion. People at all levels. Them higher than you will teach you the huddles they've jumped making it easy for you to overcome. Them at your level will encourage you, knowing you're not alone in the race. Anybody bellow you will provide some form of morale and worth - it feels good when you help somebody out. Above all, remember anybody can teach you something.

Your passion is fundamental!

Your Passion is a true friend to a successful life that will help you Lead a regret-free life. 

It's said that when you get at 45 you start looking back the life ladder to see what you have accomplished. Sad to say, many ladders reveal regrets. Life on earth ain't so long, thus we surely need to live the best such that the author and giver of it can say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" It simply sounds beautiful.

God has created us to co-exist like a body. We can't expect legs to think, neither can the ears put some cake in the mouth. Meaning there are areas we alone can shine. By riding your passion, you'll be filling your gap and helping others realize their potential and easily accomplish God's purpose concerning your life. Look for you passion, tame it, and ride it!

Back to you: Any other ways you know we can make our passion of great help ? Feel free to share your wisdom.