Why Young Christians?

In 1 John 1:14, the Bible records,
"...I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong..."

Being strong, John meant the young men were qualified to actively participate in various ministries. They had energy and vigor.

 The same is true for the present time youth. Thus a lot is expected of you.
You need to deliver. Win. Stand morally upright. Excel in career. Relationships. Money.

The government looks at you. The church. The family. The economy. Industry and companies.

All these join to squeeze the strength in you. Competition. Technology. Heartbreaks. Generational gap. Moral decay.

But you must remember, amidst these, you MUST still be careful to please God.

How do you balance the game? How can you excel in all spheres of life? Above all, how can you maximize your days on earth for the advancement of the Kingdom?

That's all this blog is about: giving you the relevant information you need to achieve your goals as a Christian Youth.

Let's walk together. Let's do this.