Do You Have Your Ticket?

I belong to one evangelistic group called Partners In Christ (PIC). It’s a group you’ll definitely fall in love at first sight. This is linked to its liveliness, hospitality and passion in what it’s called to do.

All we do is go for missions around Kenya, preach this gospel and have fun. I can repeat that, have fun preaching this gospel.

We do hold serious things like keshas, music concerts and fundraising (to buy PA system for gospel advancement).

We also like eating. Our end year party is not something anyone will love to miss out.

OK, am not here to tell you about PIC, in case you're wondering what this has to do with your ticket.
But if
you’d love to know more about or join the group simply contact me.

A sad note 

December last year we were hit by the demise of a number of brethren connected to the group. It was a hard moment. Hard indeed.

But I’d love to talk of a message from one of them that sadly left us. A man who’d transformed lives and left some in-erasable marks in the hearts of many. He goes by name Patrick Cheruiyot.

A few minute before ‘sleeping’

He told them present that they let him go because he could see the gate afar and he wanted to rush with his ticket. He added that nobody could enter without a ticket. Lastly, he urged everyone to make sure s/he had his/her ticket. And that’s my point.

Every minute I remember this man, I do think of my ticket.

The dreadful day

You see, soon and very soon, the dreadful day will knock. And when God says it’s dreadful, that is it.
How beautiful will it be if we all shall have our tickets?

So, do you have yours?