Choose With The Mind... And Let The Body Follow..

Change the mind, fix the concept of the brain and watch as the body obeys.
If Christ said you can do all things through Him who strengthens you, its because you can.
Being obedient to God is not hard.

Marriage Is Still A GOOD Institution

When you begin a relationship, you only hope and trust that you will walk in it to the end and possibly make a marriage out of it; a good marriage for that matter. But in many incidents, it may not work. And because of this, I know there are a number of guys laughing and making merry in public, but when in their lonely chambers, they wail and cry. Them that the sweet journey they'd began got tainted by a single gentleman or lady they'd trusted. Them that are protective but deep in their hearts know they don't want to engage again. They have hated marriage issue all together. These are the people I'd love to talk to today: Marriage is still a good thing.

Ok, I'd love we face this situation on-head, understand it and find a true solution.

10 Valuable Life Principles Blogging Has Taught Me.

Since I began blogging, my life has completely changed and, saying the least, re-defined. This is due to great life values that have been impacted in me as I walk down this lane. 

I'm sharing this because I'm highly persuaded the same principles will bring amazing changes in any sphere of your life. Actually, I'm applying them in all I'm doing and the results are so wonderful!

Here are the top ten values I've learnt so far by blogging:


Over the weekend a friend of mine was hit by a motorcycle and passed. This immediately reminded me of a post by  +Myra Smith , one of my friends on G+, how her heart wept watching a bunch of youth laughing and having a good time as they gathered to remember the life of a young man killed last year. She thought of a soul lost for all eternity. She actually left a prayer request saying, "Pray for our youth!" Being a mom, I know she meant what she said.

Developing Self Discipline

One of the stories that keep amazing me is the one on creation; how orderly and timely it was executed. I see a vital component of success in God through this complex story: Self Discipline.

This single principle alone will guarantee you the joy and success in whatever you endeavor to do. In fact, it's a common character of all successful people. So what is self discipline? Why is it so important? How can you achieve it?

Rankesh's Take...

Rankesh M. Willy
Though late, Rankesh gave me amazing tips on getting up the Wealth Creation Plan ladder.

I'd sent him a message to give his take on the same since he did start the topic. I did the article on Sunday, but this points are too expensive to simply rest in my head and inbox folder.

This is unedited advice from Rankesh on how to make it in

What's Your Wealth Creation Plan?

Commenting on an article I did recently, (why you must join a SACCO while you are young), Rankesh Willy, one of my readers, said something that left me thinking: "Great Stuff you have here! If only the readers could heed your advice. I hope you have a wealth creation plan - don't just join a SACCO for the sake of it but all the same join one NOW!"

'I hope you have a wealth creation plan'. Those were heavy

Faith Toward God Part I

A truly balanced christian life requires the word of God. Actually more of the word. 

In this post, I am doing the second principle of the doctrine of Christ on which a believer is to build his spiritual life: Faith towards God.

Again, much thanks to my spiritual dad, Dr. Apostle David Juma for his selfless support.

In the book of Hebrews, the Bible records: But without faith it is impossible to please Him. For he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is the rewarder of that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

How I Paid My Varsity Fees with Online Money!

Abel working on an online project
I know myths on online money are all over, and I'm not going into that. But while others are dwelling on myths, people are making real money, I being among the fold.

Here is an interview with Abel Nyakundi, formally an Energy Engineering student from Kenyatta University. He's graduating this year, after 7 years of hard studies but said will never apply for a job! Learn why.

Who is Abel?
A young man. Passionate about life. My profession is Energy Engineering, graduating December 2013.

Top 10 Tips To Maintain Your Smile!

Today I simply want to throw some quick helpful tips leading to a happier day. 

There are enough reasons every day as to why we should remain gloomy and downcast. But the beauty of it all is the fact that we all have a chance to DECIDE not to be held back by circumstances. By choosing to be smiley each day, you'll be fostering a positive attitude that at long run shall be a part of you - what about that!

Now, here are my top 10 tips for happiness: