10 Valuable Life Principles Blogging Has Taught Me.

Since I began blogging, my life has completely changed and, saying the least, re-defined. This is due to great life values that have been impacted in me as I walk down this lane. 

I'm sharing this because I'm highly persuaded the same principles will bring amazing changes in any sphere of your life. Actually, I'm applying them in all I'm doing and the results are so wonderful!

Here are the top ten values I've learnt so far by blogging:

#1. Don't Say it, Do It.

Aha! Do it! Surely you must do something to make a blog as opposed to wishing. lol!

Talking can be really easy, plus making many wishes. We can easily find comfort and solace in hearing sweet beautiful words. That's not wrong. The problem is stopping there. Encouraging statements and thoughts can be a great stepping stone if we truly turn them into

#2. Serving Others Comes First

I'm talking of adding value to others. With human standards, we may be tempted to be obsessed of 'the my syndrome"; my product, my service, my blog, my...my...my...The funny thing with blogging, you won't go far if you get self-minded. So I've learnt to help others grow, so I can grow. Simply stated, when I give out I receive more. Simple. And that leads us to the next point.

#3. What Friends Can Do

Do you want to grow fast? Do you want a smooth growth? Learn the art of making and maintaining friends; Valuable friends. By valuable friends I mean people who will teach you something or are willing to learn from you. Trust me, you need both. The secret is, be there for them. That tells you something about time.

#4. The Magic of A Second.

The fact that there are a lot of things around you that need your participation makes you conscious of every passing second. All bloggers can agree with me. The only fare thing the successful and unsuccessful people share is time. Even the wise man Solomon said that time and chance happen to us all. You must value every second! What else can this impart in you other than self discipline? 

#5. Self Discipline.

I think this has helped me most. Controlling my appetites. The wisdom to choose between what I need now and what I need most. Setting goals and pressing hard to accomplish them. For instance the consistence in posting articles. This goes hand in hand with making good use of the available time. 

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#6. You Can Do It, ONLY DECIDE!

I've said it somewhere that before this blog, I'd done three more which are dead for now. I almost gave up that I can't make it. TILL I DECIDED. There is unstoppable power, some form of radical internal vigor in MAKING a decision. Decide on doing something today and you'll be amazed at how much you're capable of doing! Just make that first step!


   #7. Hidden Knowledge

What tones of knowledge this world contains! Searching for solutions concerning the problems youth face has opened a door to invaluable knowledge; talk of building spiritual muscles, relationships and marriage, money, career, character, and many more. As i said, talking is easier than doing. And getting the knowledge takes commitment. Your next level may be a bit of knowledge away! squeeze yourself a bit, learn something new, and apply it in your life.

#8. Learning to Learn 

Fishing and eating the fish are two different things all together. Having and maintaining Valuable friends is important. But above that, one needs to know how to tap from this blessing. Be careful to learn the most from the people God has put around you.They call it "appreciating the blessing before time forces you to do so" (mostly, the later is called regret). It's sad if you'll help others build their dreams when yours remains to be a dream. Friends help you grow; by either pulling you up or pushing you to deliver. There are mistakes I avoid by simply learning from them that have gone ahead of me.

#9. Building a Smiling Face All The Day

Did you know you do decide 99% of the mood you carry each day? Yes you do! What do you do when you wake up? There lies the secret. Having an organized morning sets a foundation for the whole day helping you maintain your smile. And of course you know that means a productive day.

#10. General View Of Life

The above 9 values are a prerequisite for #10. The impact they create completely terns how one views live. A positive mindset automatically replaces anything that makes you stagnant. Why? Because you realize you're responsible to many things happening in your live, and if you decide you can achieve all you wanted, creating a little heaven down here.

The beautiful thing is, this principles can be applied by anybody at any place at any time. Go ahead and make your life; you can! All the best!

Back to you: Any principle you've learnt that can make our lives better? Simply share with us in the comment box bellow.And remember to share this post for your friends.