How I Paid My Varsity Fees with Online Money!

Abel working on an online project
I know myths on online money are all over, and I'm not going into that. But while others are dwelling on myths, people are making real money, I being among the fold.

Here is an interview with Abel Nyakundi, formally an Energy Engineering student from Kenyatta University. He's graduating this year, after 7 years of hard studies but said will never apply for a job! Learn why.

Who is Abel?
A young man. Passionate about life. My profession is Energy Engineering, graduating December 2013.

Tell me, how did you get into online writing?
It all began in 2010. I used to visit my friends who lived outside campus. I admired the fact that they paid their fees and catered for personal expenses.
Inspired by their lifestyle, I moved out of campus too. I started a small computer services business with a friend. It failed. then I started a card making business. We were making all kinds of cards and it was a success. Students loved the cards. But the returns were minimal and could not change my life.

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That,s when i decided to go back and see what exactly my friends were doing. I opened an account with allwriting.net. But it was still hard to make enough money since I'd not built a reputation.

At what point did you get serious?
On 2011, my five years in campus were meant to come to an end. And I was dreaming how I was to drop my CV everywhere. But my dream was cut short by Engineering Bill 2011 which repealed engineers' Act. In compliance to engineering bill, I had to enhance from energy to mechanical engineering. This needed two more years, making my stay in campus seven years. 

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) scraped off the normal support. As if that was not enough, my dad, my main support, passed. I was left to fight for myself. I reverted to online writing in full swing.

How did you get up the ladder?
I did research online on what I'm supposed to do. I could easily get the knowledge from friends but they were busy making dollars and every second counted. And I've come to learn it surely does. I only did jobs in line with technical engineering because it is my field and this gave me an upper hand. 

In the process of learning, I came across iwriter.com, another online writing program. Since then, it has been a wonderful moment of learning and growing.

What's your average earning per month?
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During peak season, I make $250-400 in 15 days. I know I will make more money now that I'm through
with school; I have all the time to invest in online business.

Do you love what you're doing? Why?
Yes! Topping my list of 'whys' is the fact that am saved from attending misplaced interviews. My most embarrassing moment was when I went for an interview and was tested on electrical engineering, when my CV clearly showed that I'm grounded on energy. the salary itself was meager, no need to mention.

This thing is also hustle-free, when you know what you're to do. It's tax free and I have freedom to chose from tons of work available; nobody forces me to do anything. I work at my own comfort. And I love the fact that I exchange my value. I've never been disappointed; I'm paid as per the agreed amount and time. Full stop.

Again, was it not for online writing, I don;t know how I could have paid my fee. I don't think I could be living in this house, may be I could be hosted by an aunt somewhere. More so, I did join a SACCO with the same money and it has been of great help when stuck. Simply stated, internet and my laptop make my life.

Any challenges this far?
Processing money. The dollars reflect on my account but I didn't know how to get them into my pockets in Kenyan shillings. Now it's as easy as ABC.

 Looking at the screen for longer time is not a good story because I know my eyes might be affected. But is there a job without Cumulative Trauma Disorder?

It can be a challenge too to tern your house to an office, especially for married people.Your mate and children need your attention whereas you must concentrate on working.

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Looking Forward, what are your plans?
Right now my mind is made up: I'm not going to make a single application despite my seven years in campus. I've done a lot of visibility study on a number of online opportunities. On 15th this month, I'm starting a major online investment. At the end of this month I'll start Forex Trading, which I have intensively studied for more than two months now using MetaTrader; knowing the trading platforms and how to sell and buy different
 securities. I want to become a pip master.

What Message do you have other young people like you?
Static life is meant for them contended that their life is destined in others' determination. Let's not be consumers of other professionals and forget to build our own; we are busy consuming while others are busy manufacturing. Watching a movie, going swimming, a dinner out, Facebooking, reading a book, online writing...anything that consumes your time is somebody's product. We can't avoid using this products and services, but let's strike a balance and produce something for others to consume.

Additional Information
You need to know this if interested in Online writing
1. You need Standard English, though some projects require above standard. Jobs in other languages like french and German are available.

2. An application, On opening the company site, you'll be guided on application procedure. Some, especially academic writing programs like allwriting.net, require a CV and sample work, while others like iwriter.com need a simple registration.

3. Always work on your field, it will help you maximize your time spent online.

4. Most work is done according to Eastern Time (EST); you may need to work during the night, mostly. 

Some of the sites to register
1. iwriter.com
2. allwriting.net
3. academiaresearch.com
4. writerbay.com

As I said on my post on "how to increase the worth of your time spent online",  internet is richer than any offline parastatal or company. Online writing is just but a drop in the ocean. Go ahead and explore what the ocean has for you. I'm already in, this month I paid my rent with online money. Follow the suit!

Do you access internet? That's all you need to go! I advocate you join iwriter.com. It has no restriction, all you need is to register and start earning! Click here to begin!

Feel free to comment bellow or ask a question. All the best in your adventure.