Marriage Is Still A GOOD Institution

When you begin a relationship, you only hope and trust that you will walk in it to the end and possibly make a marriage out of it; a good marriage for that matter. But in many incidents, it may not work. And because of this, I know there are a number of guys laughing and making merry in public, but when in their lonely chambers, they wail and cry. Them that the sweet journey they'd began got tainted by a single gentleman or lady they'd trusted. Them that are protective but deep in their hearts know they don't want to engage again. They have hated marriage issue all together. These are the people I'd love to talk to today: Marriage is still a good thing.

Ok, I'd love we face this situation on-head, understand it and find a true solution.

Where does this Huge wall come from

A relationship (dating or marriage) becomes all one has and it matters a lot to whoever is involved. It's such an emotional thing and one can do anything to sustain it. That's why when it breaks it goes down with a better part of an individual's life, especially ladies since they are emotionally weaker as compared to men.

The incident will automatically make you feel rejected and therefore thinking you're worth nothing. Rejection is actually very painful because it eats into the very person we are. After this you'll build a bitter heart, then hide yourself in a cocoon to comfort yourself. Long before you know, you'll be in this thick emotional parameter wall, where nobody can reach you and no counseling can help. My advice is cry enough. And I'm serious, find some quality time and simply cry. I know that sound stupid, but it helps ease the pain. And it will move us to the next point.

Now that you are in a cocoon

A story is told of this monkey that wanted to eat some bananas on a banana tree. Unfortunately the bananas were too high for him to reach. He did jump to pick but couldn't reach for even one banana. He went few steps from the tree so he can gather some momentum to jump high enough but still didn't make it. He repeated this severally to no avail. Do you know what he said? "ghrrr! these bananas were not even ripe enough!"  And he moved contended. I've never known why he didn't climb up the tree. lol!

The point is, you can do the same. There are situations hanging on us we must kink away! They just add unnecessary weight. What on earth am I doing in a cocoon? Simply dying! Hey, you have a single life and you can't afford some minutes of rehearsal; you must live. Now get up! Find some strength, you may stagger at the beginning but focus at your big destiny. Your life is bigger than this world. There are moments all you have is to be contended, and it's wise to accept it that way lest you regret wasting some real precious time. Congratulate yourself for that move! Next...

Successfully out of a cocoon? Great!

Getting out of a raccoon is the most important part of this process  because it reflects a change in mind, ready to move on. Now we move away from blaming somebody for our situation to taking responsibility for our happiness. It's true at times the situation may haunt you once in a while, but you must get determined to build a new life, and bellow I share some helpful tips on how to make this critical transition:

1. Reflect on your true IDENTITY

As I mentioned earlier, the pain we feel is deep because it attacks our identity, making us lose self esteem and thus destabilizing our sole purpose in life. We're not what others perceive we are. Our true identity is in God. He created us for a reason. He has a good plan for our lives. Simply sit down and meditate on your true worth - as per God. The Bible is a major tool here. Friend, you're truly worth.

2. Allow some bad feeling

That's normal. Don't try to reject bad feeling. But don't accept to live with them. Each moment remind yourself that you're responsible for your joy.

3. Keep your mind busy

Set up some projects. Visit friends. Read some great stuff. Watch great movies. Listen to some cool music. Be busy. All this does is to engage your mind for a smoother transition. 

4. Respect your friend's view

That's a gentle statement and it's good we treat it that way. Respect. When people reject your request, simply accept and pray them a successful life. There's some form of true joy in wishing others good than hating and making them enemies.

5. Pray

Trust me nothing is so soothing like spending time with the person who loved you with unconditional love long before; the saviour Jesus Christ. At times you may not know how to say it or what to say in the first place, but just be there with Him. You may wish to tell Him, "You know me better, help me!"

Marriage is still GOOD 

May be you've been wondering why I've not talked about marriage as the title says. For such a context this is the right place to mention it.

All this mind change should bring you to your normal identity and life. Part of the true life is acknowledging that for sure you need a life partner. You're like, "Job I don't want to be there again!" Yes, you do. It's important to take some good period of time to heal the wounds, but let your mind know that at the long run you'll surely need somebody to support you. 

Therefore, Marriage is still a GOOD institution. Go ahead, make whatever you've gone through a stepping stone, and build a beautiful life! 

Wishing you success!

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