Rankesh's Take...

Rankesh M. Willy
Though late, Rankesh gave me amazing tips on getting up the Wealth Creation Plan ladder.

I'd sent him a message to give his take on the same since he did start the topic. I did the article on Sunday, but this points are too expensive to simply rest in my head and inbox folder.

This is unedited advice from Rankesh on how to make it in
wealth creation.

Ooops! Have just seen this but....

1. Believe in God;

2. Believe in Self; 

3. Stick with the RIGHT company; 

4. SEEK for wealth creation opportunities;

5.Take chances and Risks; 

6. THINK BIG (and speak it out!!!) start small, revise strategy along the way and KEEP Moving.

7 Diversify ( they call it market segmentation and product diversification);

8. See yourself as the BASIC RESOURCE TO WEALTH CREATION and JUDICIOUSLY deploy your talents as follows - create market by addressing a NEED in the people (venture into uncharted waters); make your talent difficult to imitate and ignore by continuous improvement; and,

9.Work SMART not HARD - one need not be so hard on the self after all it is not a matter of life and death.

I guess that was worth a post.

By the way, why can't you give your advice too in the comment box bellow? Sharing is the best part of life!