Developing Self Discipline

One of the stories that keep amazing me is the one on creation; how orderly and timely it was executed. I see a vital component of success in God through this complex story: Self Discipline.

This single principle alone will guarantee you the joy and success in whatever you endeavor to do. In fact, it's a common character of all successful people. So what is self discipline? Why is it so important? How can you achieve it?

Simply stated, Self Discipline is choosing between what you need NOW and what you need MOST. It's as simple and as hard as that. It's the ability to control our appetite and desire, that we can choose to do and focus
on what we need most.

Of late, I have been closely watching and learning from both positive and negative examples. It has been amazing noting how successful guys manage themselves.

Internal Force

Let's talk of doing things without external forces. Far from your work place where you must accomplish a deadline lest you stand a chance to lose your job, or school where you must submit that CAT unless you cherish a refer. One thing is sure: Successful people set a goal and follow the steps they have laid till they achieve, or fail. It wont matter what conditions emerge to oppose them. My pastor has built a successful church; it wasn't easy. My boss has a standing business; he has spent sleepless nights because of the same. That's self management. Being disciplined enough to walk through a rough road to achieve high value goals.

Unsuccessful people have tones of unfinished projects, most probably in dustbins. This is what mostly happens: You get zealous on a wonderful project. You set the goals. You envision how to achieve. You see a bright future. Two days, a week, a month. Slowly the stumbling blocks kill the vigor and the energy. And you're done. What went wrong? You lacked what I call internal force. There was nobody to bush you. No external force. Then the following month you'll  begin another project. The same cycle. A rat race. I was a victim of this; before this blog, I had began three more. They are dead and gone. But now? Changed!

The Difference

I don't know how many of us noticed this; on the second last day of hearing the recent Kenyan petition, CJ Dr. Willy Mutunga announced that the following day, they were to open the session at 10:00 am. He didn't say 10:00 am SHARP. Surprising enough, by 10:00am sharp everybody was seated in the room. This is the point; it is easy to realize that a month has gone down, or a year, than a minute. But we often forget it is the seconds that make a day, and days a month. And that makes the difference. The difference between the successful and the Fairlie.

The good news

I love this: You can achieve self discipline. That's the good news. None was born disciplined. It's true our growing environments can differ in a number of aspects, and thus others were favored by some conditions. Maybe your parents did put benchmarks to help foster the discipline. But everyone faces opposing forces.  Since there's no true success without self discipline, what can one do to attain it? This is how to go up the scale.

The Discipline of goal setting

One important virtue readily noticed in successful people is the ability to focus on a single important goal without shifting their attention no matter what. I've watched my boss say, "this month we'll put up a green-screen." And he does exactly that. You can do the same. Get ample time. Sit down. Set a goal. Not so simple because you won't be satisfied on accomplishment. Not so difficult because you'll be disappointing on failing. Write it down. Purpose to accomplish it. Let nobody disappoint you. Allow nothing to stop you. At times you may feel like you don't want to go on. The spirit is no more; press on! Self discipline comes out of continuous practice, doing it again and again, till it becomes a habit. It takes hard work to built anything good, working even on odd hours. Unappreciated hours. Focusing on your dream. One day you'll look back and notice it was worthy the struggle. People say of working smart, of which I advocate, but before getting there one must work hard to muster the required skill. There's this verse I love: And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. (Galatians 6:9). The condition is 'if we faint not'.

Please, Value Time

Traveling by plane is expensive as compared to a matatu, not just because of the comfort but, mostly,
because it saves time. In other words, you are buying more time. A person with a company will earn more because he works for 800 hrs a day ( i.e 8hrs for 100 workers). A machine will produce more products in a day than a man working manually. The common factor is TIME. Until one learns the importance of time, there will be no significant change in his/her life. Try to do something important in every minute of your day. Be cautious of the elapsing seconds. I know it takes time to master, but the secret is keep doing it right.

The earlier we begin this the better. I'm convinced we can do it. I've tried and it's working for me. Still going. Let's go after our dreams. Let's pursue righteousness. And always remember, there is an overall controller: God in heaven, who began it all in creation.

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