Top 10 Tips To Maintain Your Smile!

Today I simply want to throw some quick helpful tips leading to a happier day. 

There are enough reasons every day as to why we should remain gloomy and downcast. But the beauty of it all is the fact that we all have a chance to DECIDE not to be held back by circumstances. By choosing to be smiley each day, you'll be fostering a positive attitude that at long run shall be a part of you - what about that!

Now, here are my top 10 tips for happiness:

Tip #1. Purpose to view things on the positive side. Nothing is 100% bad.

Tip #2. Point out what makes you happy. Each one of us has a unique path to happiness - discover yours!

Tip #3. Engage yourself on positive conversations. Spend your time with optimistic people.

Tip #4. Learn to forgive. Something always happens when we truly forgive; some form of satisfaction and peace.

Tip #5. Expect the best. Each day opens with new doors, be careful lest you miss your miracle!

Tip #6. Be grateful for what you have - that's what I call contentment.

Tip #7. Don't die for what you can't change. Be wise to know what you can control and what you can't.

Tip #8. Work on your health. Do exercises, eat good and have enough sleep.

Tip #9. Listen to soul lifting music, or watch comedy, or any movie of your choice.(I completely love this point!)

Tip #10. Pray both for your enemies and your happiness; why die of a heavy heart(hoping there's such a disease), then SMILE!

Trust me, life is a bit short to allow daily struggles and 'negativities' ruin your few precious hours. Choose to be happy despite your circumstances. Don't die young! Enjoy your day!