Over the weekend a friend of mine was hit by a motorcycle and passed. This immediately reminded me of a post by  +Myra Smith , one of my friends on G+, how her heart wept watching a bunch of youth laughing and having a good time as they gathered to remember the life of a young man killed last year. She thought of a soul lost for all eternity. She actually left a prayer request saying, "Pray for our youth!" Being a mom, I know she meant what she said.

+Myra Smith ,I dedicate this post to you.

Trust me It wasn't easy pondering on this incidents. I'm actually writing this article to expose major tricks the devil is using to make sure your soul won't be saved. It is sad to think of the number of people who go to hell each day and meet with the reality of eternity. He (devil) has
known his place: hell. No question about it. That’s why he's fighting day and night to make a big group to accompany him there. And, trust me, as much as you're breathing, your name is on his list; may be topping! He knows the truth and is aware that this truth has been made known to us. So? How will he win our confidence?

He has manufactured a number of lies to let you feel comfortable as your death draws near, and that's what I want to expose to you.

Common lies devil uses:

1. "You still have time".
A small fear may befall you by the statement "if Jesus came today...!?" That's a good fear.

But another loud voice from hell will tell you, "ah! Stop it! Surely he won't come tomorrow...you still have time. Do it just today..." Meanwhile you're developing muscles in that sin and before you know it you've entangled yourself or, worse still, long dead...in hell. SO SAD.

With our human nature, sin will always be pleasant; thus your body will forever follow sin. Until you taste the forgiveness of Jesus, you'll never know how bitter sin tastes.

2. "You don't need a church"
I have interacted with a number of people who simply sit on their sofa every Sunday at the comfort of a cup of coffee to listen to their favorite preacher.

This is what happens: You become independent. You are not answerable to anyone. Then you can EASILY DO ANYTHING. AND THAT'S devil's ultimate goal. It's a lie!

Paul knew it and said, "Do not neglect the gathering of the brethren". Above all, you are part of the body of Christ; you need to be a blessing to others. Devil knows if we interact we'll sharpen each other and thus overcome him easily. God has invested in you some valuables that will help somebody out there. It is important you join a body of believers. In fact the speakers we listen to on our screens do preach from a church.

3. "It's not true!"
Jesus is coming soon.
The antichrist is here.
These calamities are the end time signs of .
God is real.
Heaven and hell do exist.

I believe you've heard such statements. But you may think, "wait a minute, who said so?" In fact, somebody may pop out of the blues and challenge you.
The bitter truth is the truth is all around us. We must fight for our souls by searching for it and embracing it. When Jesus comes, IGNORANCE WILL NEVER BE AN EXCUSE!

4. Money. Property. Prosperity
It's true we need money. But the moment the love of wealth overcomes the love God then we're lost. Completely. What Devil has done is to shift all our focus to these things by making them seem important than our eternal soul. He knows if we truly love them and put our hope and trust in them then we won’t love God effectively. Then?...match o hell with him! Simple.
Dear friend, your soul is so valuable. That's why Jesus died to save us. See to it that you are not cupped in this lies. May you come to a point of appreciating the grace of Jesus and the work He did on the cross; where you'll say

"Thank you for the cross Lord,
..thank you for the nail-pierced hands"

For any help on making your relationship with Jesus, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Do you know any other lies used by the enemy? Why don't you share with us on the comment box mellow! Or better still, share for your friend; I call it caring.