Worth Thinking Twice: Eternal Judgment

Minutes elapse. Days pass. Years fade. And life goes on well. 

We wake up, sleep. Eat, drink. Buy, sell. Life is normal.

This normality easily leads us to forget of the most important component of life: Ultimate resting place of individual souls, which is determined by eternal judgment.

Until we truly get to understand the magnitude of the coming judgment, we may not fully know how  to wisely spend this gift of life on earth.

10 Simple Ways Of Nurturing Customer Loyalty

It's a know fact: It's easier getting your customer do a second buy than creating a new customer. 

That's why nurturing and maintaining your customers is vital to your business growth.

It's an art anyone can learn and apply easily. The following 10 business rules will help make your customers glued to you. Practice them and I will surely  promise you truly loyal  customer.

Why Judging Your Partner Might Kill Your Relationship

It's all merry when a relationship begins because the individuals are showing the best of their character (by default, lol). Each one is high and really committed in doing the best for the relationship. 

As you share and grow in love, the other side of the coin starts to reveal; the inconsistency in him, the impatience in her, and the negatives you'd love never to be spotted in your partner. Then you are like, "oops! I didn't know this!" This is when a judgmental mind begins to crop.  

Why your good relationship might die
At the moment of judging, definitely your moods are low and none of you really wants to stay around. This wears out a certain degree of intimacy and you feel like you're beginning afresh again. If the judgment is done frequently, then you can imagine the amount of damage done to your relationship. Corrosion gets deep especially when you're that type that can remember long forgiven mistakes even if you discussed and settled them. A gap is created between you and the wider it gets the colder your love gets. Finally you can't tolerate your partner because you see more 'negatives' than good in him/her. Then you decide to call it quits.

The True Reason For Living

When I began thinking about success, like 11 years ago, I read one small book of which I can't remember neither the author nor the title. Its front cover had this photo of a double door and some sunset. 

But there's one thing I'll forever remember about that small book: A principle the author gave, among many, on how to succeed, and this is how he put it: 

"I can't explain how this works but one major secret to multiplying what you have is by subtracting it; if you have three oranges, give one away and they'll multiply." I know that sound like madness and I totally agree with you.

Main Secrets To Stress-free Living

Most of us, once in a while, have coped with stress. It is this situation that makes you feel threatened; a demand so overwhelming that you can't bear on your shoulders.

Stress can cause severe effects in your life and it's evidenced by negative impressions in your mood, relationships, productivity at work and even on personal health.

Stress should be managed at early stages to avoid stepping into chronic stress. This paves way for high blood pressure which can lead to stroke and heart attack. Chronic stress too may lead to faster aging, which I'm persuaded is not welcome by anybody. This is why you can't afford to assume the slightest stress. Doing so is building a fire for yourself.

5 Major Reasons Youth Fail in Projects - Avoid Them!

With various movements to empower the youth and lower unemployment rates, coupled with the advantage technology presents, young people start millions of projects yearly. The sad story is most of them fail. The Kick off is usually smart, the goals are well set and they do progress for a while.

The intentions of beginning these projects may be different, but there are common reasons why they don't make it up the ladder. Bellow I discuss 5 major reasons why youth fail in their projects.

Resurrection From The Dead

Photo By Big Book Media
We've been doing a study of the foundations of the doctrine of Christ recorded in Hebrews 6:1-3. So far
we've dealt with Repentance from Dead Works and Faith Towards God. It's important to understand this principles since they form the basis of your faith in Jesus Christ.

In the study of the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead, the Bible takes us by revelation beyond the present time into the future of eternity.

By the act of creation, God brought the present world into

The Price Of A Real Father

We surely need to be courageous and by that, never show fear, at least for a man. But may I confess that I do shiver a bit whenever I take time to think of what it takes to be "a good father and husband" - ideal one as expected of God.

Our prisons are full of men and women whose lives were put on jeopardy by men who provided wounds instead of love. Men who never cared in one way or the other; never took the responsibility to build a stable family and instill the necessary morals.

I know there are women who have gone through much pain trying to close the gap neglected by men(May God truly bless you!).

Young men, we can't follow this path; we can do something before it's past tense. 

I've gone through a vigorous research in trying to understand what is expected of me as both a father and husband. And in this article, I'm presenting 3 critical responsibilities any man DESIRING to make a godly father and husband must commit to accomplish:

Faith Towards God Part II: Types of Faith

Without faith, it's impossible to please God, the Bible states. But as anything on earth, there are different types of faith and not all are God-centered. So which faith do you have? Will it enable you to please God and accomplish His will?

This post is a continuation of the article I recently presented on Faith Towards God, the second foundational doctrine each christian requires. I do say presenting because, as I said on previous articles on this series, I'm tapping this from my Spiritual dad, Apostle David Juma.


We will examine six types of faith to understand what is required of you as far as Faith Towards God is concerned:

Your Online Content...It May Haunt You One Day!!

One thing we almost do forget (or don't know) is internet has a looong memory. All the comments we've made, the bad and good photos, scandals, contributions, what others are saying about you...majorly everything is kept in memory. Safely, by the way. All the "bad stuff" you've put online may come to haunt you one day.

Imagine you have done an interview and passed excellently. Then you realize you've not been given that post or even called for a second interview. Only to realize that the hiring staff came across a certain negative post you made on Facebook two years ago, and that was it.