5 Major Reasons Youth Fail in Projects - Avoid Them!

With various movements to empower the youth and lower unemployment rates, coupled with the advantage technology presents, young people start millions of projects yearly. The sad story is most of them fail. The Kick off is usually smart, the goals are well set and they do progress for a while.

The intentions of beginning these projects may be different, but there are common reasons why they don't make it up the ladder. Bellow I discuss 5 major reasons why youth fail in their projects.

#1. Expected Results Take Time

You've invested time and money. The expectations are high. Obviously you want the outcome to reflect very fast. Then the truth sinks in: the results are popping in slowly. Discouragement starts to creep in, the passion weakens and the project dies.

Any successful project takes time and hard work to mature and bear fruits. Simply program the mind to wait so to avoid discouragement.

#2. So Concerned with Competition

It's true, people running the same projects as ours are competitors. But it won't help much wondering how they are over-running us. In fact we'll be discouraged due to focusing more on our weaknesses than strengths.

Am a blogger and there are a millions of blogs like mine. One universal principle blogging has taught me is to befriend my fellow "competitors" instead of seeing them as enemies ready to kill my project. That way I create a platform to learn from some fundamental strategies to implement on my blog.

Create relationships with others, and instead of dying of worry, find out what they are doing that you aren't. None is an island; we need each other.

#3. Losing Focus On The Main Goal

In my article on developing self discipline, I explained that consistence is one virtue found in all successful people. We all begin better, but as time goes and more responsibilities emerge, we may forget why we began.

Set your goals right and follow each step to the father end. If you succeed, celebrate; if you fail, learn a lesson.

#4. Overwhelming Criticism

Not everybody gonna give you a high five for starting a project; that you must know. Even Jesus was rejected with his beautiful plan of salvation (in his home town!)

Build muscles to handle criticism. Know where you want to go. walk that road. Hear everything but choose what to listen to.

Nevertheless, you must be careful to acknowledge genuine criticism. This is geared towards building you and grow your project. It tells you where you're messing and that's acceptable since none of us is an angle.

#5. Too Much Focus On The Project

It's good to balance your life. Remember you still have a family, friends, social life and other aspects to attend to. Your project can make a small percentage of your life; don't pour all of your energy on it and sideline essential components of real life.

Create time and visit a friend, do some exerciser, go to church and grab a burger.  In short, be real. Don't try to live in the world of your own.

Do you know of any other reason why young people fail in projects? Feel free to share in the comment box bellow. Do share for your friends too.