Main Secrets To Stress-free Living

Most of us, once in a while, have coped with stress. It is this situation that makes you feel threatened; a demand so overwhelming that you can't bear on your shoulders.

Stress can cause severe effects in your life and it's evidenced by negative impressions in your mood, relationships, productivity at work and even on personal health.

Stress should be managed at early stages to avoid stepping into chronic stress. This paves way for high blood pressure which can lead to stroke and heart attack. Chronic stress too may lead to faster aging, which I'm persuaded is not welcome by anybody. This is why you can't afford to assume the slightest stress. Doing so is building a fire for yourself.

The truth is, there are situations that are beyond us and many at times we may have little or no power to control them. The beautiful story is, we can always do something to salvage our lives from further devastating damages by stress. And bellow I share 5 practical ways to deal with various levels of stress.
Elimination Method - Avoid Unnecessary Stress
look here, there are conditions and people you simply need to avoid. I call them stressors. Once Jesus went to His home town and he realized these guys didn't even believe in Him. Do you know what He did? He laid hands on a few people and moved on. You can't please everybody!

Learn to say "no!" where necessary. It may be in regard to your profession or personal life. Refuse extra loads if you can't bear any more. Nevertheless, it's not wise to avoid circumstances that require addressing.

Avoid people causing you stress or spend less time with them. If your work is overwhelming, consider dropping some (in order of importance). Avoid discussing topics and attending environments that makes heated. Try it and you'll be surprised at how light you'll become.

Don't Try Controlling the 'Uncontrollables'
Sometimes this life presents heart-piercing positions which we often can't control. Take for instance the passing on of close relative or a lover. At such moments, the nobler thing to do is to accept the situation as it is.

This is not easy, I know, but taking charge how you'll react is vital at this stage, knowing that when you'll be through you'll emerge a strong person.

You may talk to a friend or counselor. Sharing our burdens with people who truly care makes some weight in our chests evaporate bringing that inner refreshment we're yearning for.

Mostly there will be individuals attached to these "uncontrollables" and we may want to blame them. My advice is simply forgive. Writing on the tips to maintain your smile, I said something always happens when we truly forgive; some form of satisfaction and peace.

Change Yourself
It's natural to expect the "stressors" to change. And if they won't? Should we die? Oh no! You can free yourself by changing your attitude and general expectations concerning the situation you are in.

You are in a financial crisis. Will you be stack there for a whole year? Definitely no! At the long run you'll be over it. So is there need sitting and wondering over it? How much debt can we offset by being upset? Really, it's not worth it.

What will you do to a hot-tempered workmate whom you're likely to share an office for a year? Simply change your style of communication. Express your feelings in a mature manner as opposed to fuming or bottling them up. At times you may compromise as you expect others to do so. 

Purpose to focus on the positive side of events. I call it avoiding negative energy. Count your talents. Perform extraordinarily. Soar above your stressors. By that you'll avoid some headache.

Exercise, Relax and Have Fun
Each day the world becomes more noisy and busy but remains to contain 24 hours. And I doubt if it's going to add a second. Lol. 

Regular exercising will open up your brains and heart to hold more. It'll enable better blood circulation and muscle stretching helping you easily overcome tensions and pent-up stress.

Relax. Treat yourself better. Watch a comedy. Take a walk. Call your pal and laugh - really laugh. Remember your high school photos? Listen to smooth music (I personally like this). Eat well!! The list is long; find something easy and enjoyable and have fun with yourself, then sleep.
Remember God
A point comes in life when we can't bear it anymore, yet we can't avoid the stressor. You need to remember that there's somebody above watching and ready to hold your hand: Jesus Christ. I've said this and I promise to say it forever: There's true joy when we ask Jesus to take over. I've ever cried before Him and I can bear witness He's never disappointed me. He sees what we can't see. He can do what we can't do.

A hymn says: ..Can we find a friend so faithful, Who will all our sorrows share, 
                          Jesus knows our every weakness, take it to the Lord in prayer. 

I can't say it better.

The Don'ts
I have told you what to do, and here are few things you should not attempt when dealing with stress.

  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs. Most young people indulge in these practices trying to run away from the root of the problem. Use of drugs offers a false solution in that once you're sober, the situation will be right there at your door step. Deal with the stressor and try to find a solution. That's the real life.
  • Separating yourself from friends, relatives and real world. None can live alone; you need people around you. That's the reality of life and we can do little to change it. Instead mend your bridges and find happiness.
  • Avoiding solving the problem and instead "keeping yourself busy" by watching a lot of TV, playing or even sleeping to pass time. This can't be differentiated from taking alcohol.
  • Making everybody around you taste your pain. It's unfair carrying your stress to people who woke up happy and spoiling their day.

Managing stress depends on measures taken by an individual and their view concerning the whole issue. One must dig to the root cause of stress, understand it and figure out the best way to deal with it. Where possible seek a counselor's advice; it helps a lot. Learning to cope with stress will help you avoid chronic stress leading to a promising, happy and productive life; and live longer, may be.