The Price Of A Real Father

We surely need to be courageous and by that, never show fear, at least for a man. But may I confess that I do shiver a bit whenever I take time to think of what it takes to be "a good father and husband" - ideal one as expected of God.

Our prisons are full of men and women whose lives were put on jeopardy by men who provided wounds instead of love. Men who never cared in one way or the other; never took the responsibility to build a stable family and instill the necessary morals.

I know there are women who have gone through much pain trying to close the gap neglected by men(May God truly bless you!).

Young men, we can't follow this path; we can do something before it's past tense. 

I've gone through a vigorous research in trying to understand what is expected of me as both a father and husband. And in this article, I'm presenting 3 critical responsibilities any man DESIRING to make a godly father and husband must commit to accomplish:

1. Priesthood
 According to American Tract Dictionary, A priest is 'One who officiated in the public worship of God, especially in making expiation for sin, being "ordained for men in things pertaining to God, to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins. In other words, he stood before God and men. That's what Jesus did and is doing right now; pleading for mercy for our lost souls.

A physical family is a representation of the church of Jesus Christ. As Jesus is the head of the church so is the man the head of the family. Thus as a man, you are the spiritual leader of your family. This calls for a number of imperative responsibilities:

i) Teach God's Statutes
As a man, you decide the spiritual flow of your family. You need a program and be strong to teach your wife and children the word of God.

The Bible states [and even natural laws may agree], Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Teach your children to love God with the whole of their heart, mind and strength. Answering as to why prostitution is on the rise, on NTV Kenya, Bishop Margret Wanjiru blamed absence of parents as the major reason. She meant that parents are simply not taking their responsibility in instilling the right morals in their children.The rampart moral issues could drastically reduce if all men took their spiritual place in the family.

Teach your wife and children to live for what matters in eternity. Let your them learn a true example from you on how to honor God. It's good to note here that you can't give what you don't have! Men, how strong are you spiritually? How much time are you spending with your maker? The stronger you are the easier it will be to feed your family.

ii) Pray for Your Family

Family corporate prayer is important, but you need time alone with God for your family. Be alert at all times to learn of any spiritual attack. 
Plead with God to break the chain of destructive patterns in the family history. Bless your Children to go for whatever God has called them to be.

Ask God to help your family progress and stand with you when in difficulties since all will look up to you for help. It's a big burden.

iii) The Image of God
Be the lens through which they should see God. You're a representation of Jesus! Let them see his love, care and compassion in you.

2. Die for your family
Fathers should go an extra mile to protect and provide for their families. Be ready to even do what you don't enjoy and sometimes at odd hours for the sake of your family happiness.

Love, protect and serve. Be willing to lay down your life for your wife as Christ did for you. That's not easy, you must decide to decide.

3. Mentorship
Your responsibility as a man does not stop at your doorstep; purpose in your heart to bring up strong fathers and husbands in young men around you, especially the fatherless. I strongly doubt if there's a significant number of men concerned with future fatherhood. Be the few!

Fatherhood is a responsibility from God and sooner or later we all men will be standing before God to account on how we executed it. It's a huge topic that requires you ask its author, God himsef, to teach you. We're partly responsible for the eternal destiny of our family members, now that it's our duty to lay the
right foundation. That's why I shiver whenever I sit to ponder of what it takes to be an ideal dad and husband: I'll be accountable.

So what legacy are you planning to leave as a father and husband? Will God approve your commitment on the same?

I recommend the movie "courageous" for anybody who wants to learn what godly fatherhood takes. I've watched it thrice and I know I will go for it not once. Click here to watch the movie. All the best in your journey to become a husband and father God designated you to be!

What is your thoughts concerning fatherhood? Please feel free to share in the comment box bellow, and if you found some help in this article, do share for your friends.