The True Reason For Living

When I began thinking about success, like 11 years ago, I read one small book of which I can't remember neither the author nor the title. Its front cover had this photo of a double door and some sunset. 

But there's one thing I'll forever remember about that small book: A principle the author gave, among many, on how to succeed, and this is how he put it: 

"I can't explain how this works but one major secret to multiplying what you have is by subtracting it; if you have three oranges, give one away and they'll multiply." I know that sound like madness and I totally agree with you.

This wasn't a tale for small kids though. It was a serious statement with all the weight it deserves. What the orange you're giving away does is making a difference in somebody's life.

And that's what life is all about; living for others. Let's take a step farther.

How many people are supported by the company you're working for? How many were present when it began? None, most probably.

If you're attending a church, how many people do you think your pastor encourages each day? How many are covered by the prayers he makes tirelessly?

Let's scale it down. 

To the point you are in life, can you pin point the people who supported you in one way or the other? Oh yes, somebody sacrificed.

True Reason For Living

Each one of us is talented differently in different capacities. When we come together we get all life should offer. That's why you exist. That's why I exist.

The true reason of living is being there for others; to offer that gift in the spirit of building and making their lives better. Thus one is required to explore his talent and skill, and then be willing to offer them.

Notable Sacrifices 

Thomas Edison must have invested a lot in invent a bulb in 1879. We can't really pay him (if we would) for the influence this invention has brought to the world.

Back to work places. These companies were once a dream and somebody dared to establish them. No doubt these guys must have spent sleepless nights and spent unappreciated time trying to figure it out. Their sacrifice has given birth to something that is providing for many families. And talk of the smiles put on many faces by the products and services they provide.

My pastor, on welcoming new members, said something that touched my heart, "We're committed to present you blameless before Jesus on that last day. Please do your part." You can imagine what pastors go through each day to protect the souls Jesus has brought in their hands! That's tough.

What about the hard working farmer who's making sure you have milk for a cup of tea every day?

And that teacher who patiently imparts knowledge to your child?
Talk of the faithful maid who cleans your house and puts everything in order?

Know of the Christians preaching in prisons?

I Can't Add Any Value

As I said, we all have at least one way we can reach out to others. You don't need to donate millions of dollars. I realized that if people found a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on their problems are half solved. There are "free" but expensive things you can do to change lives.

Encourage the weak by simply talking hope to their situations. Be truly concerned about their Circumstances. Words are powerful.

Send that encouraging message or email, or give a call. I once sent a friend a message and know what he told me? "Man, you don't know how I needed this! God bless you!" At times you may feel to talk to somebody, don't ignore it!

Give that passionate hug; it's a sense of love and care.

Make a prayer for that struggling marriage.

Do your best for that company.

Through all these, you're sacrificing your time and happiness to attend to somebody's sorrows. And this is the source of true joy. If you've ever helped somebody, you can bear me witness that each day you'd love to feel the same feeling you had then. Maybe that explains the magic of multiplying oranges. You give happiness, you receive more; no, you receive joy!

Getting To The Top

This world is a fanny one. If you think you can comfortably walk up the success road because you are highly talented and skilled, you're dead wrong. You need people.

The sad story is this guys won't simply rush to you like moths. No! You must convince them you're worthy their time. So how does it work?

You must prove that you can be trusted. And it begins by genuinely offering real help. You must desire to solve a problem and make a change in their lives. And this takes us to square one: Reason for living. That's my advice for anyone who wants to climb a ladder of success. It doesn't matter your career, professionalism or calling. It all begins by serving others; without demanding recognition.

A Paradox

If getting to the top tops your reasons of serving others, again you've got it wrong. Ok, you'll make it but you'll miss the true meaning of life: Inner joy and satisfaction. Life is too short to live stressed up; may your conscience be your witness that whatever you're doing is for the good of others.

The Reason For Living

That we may make a change in somebody's life. That's the legacy worthy leaving behind; you changed somebody's life, gave hope where there was no hope, brought a smile to a sad face, healed a wounded heart and above all, helped snatch a soul from hell (if you're hearing me).

What is your feeling on as to why we exist? Feel free to share your comment on the comment box bellow and you do share for your friends.