Worth Thinking Twice: Eternal Judgment

Minutes elapse. Days pass. Years fade. And life goes on well. 

We wake up, sleep. Eat, drink. Buy, sell. Life is normal.

This normality easily leads us to forget of the most important component of life: Ultimate resting place of individual souls, which is determined by eternal judgment.

Until we truly get to understand the magnitude of the coming judgment, we may not fully know how  to wisely spend this gift of life on earth.

Until we deeply meditate, and really take time to meditate of what awaits us ahead on eternity (as individual); the terror of sin. The fiery hell. The torment. The wailing. The cries. On the other side, the glory in heaven. The beauty of worshiping right before Jesus! Joy of being a victor. Not condemned. Until we truly think of these things and them become a reality in our hearts, souls and minds. We shall surely never be cautious nor fear God but live recklessly.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31) . Worth thinking twice.

Oh the corporate world! Another lie! We pray. We worship.We even repent. As a country. as a church. As a family.

But do I pray? Do I worship? Do I repent? As an Individual?

That you may have mercy on me Lord!

It's an individual. No corporate salvation. No corporate judgment. Yes! It's I, Job. It's you, as an individual! Worth thinking twice.

Whether we laugh at you or hail you. Whether married or single. Young or old. Employer, employee or unemployed. Pray to God that His judgment may not fall on you!

Now think twice on this: Your mother going to hell! What about your dear bro? Oh your wife! Your best pal matching to hell? For eternity? Sad indeed. Do you get the picture?

May our hearts boil for the salvation of lost souls. Pray. Preach. For the salvation of these precious souls.

You see there's more than working, eating, marrying and succeeding in life. Yes, even the eternal life.

Pray that God's judgment may not fall on you! Let's judge ourselves(individually) that we may not be judged. oh yes! We search our souls for "it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom, in the day of judgment, than for" us. (Mathew 11:24)

I almost stopped posting this article for I know by posting it I've simply made my judgment more harsh, but then I thought twice; He bled and died for us. He was tortured. Spit at. Fearlessly faced the cross. Went to hell in our place. That's Jesus Christ. Please I ask that you do the same; think twice, for your soul is so valuable!