10 Simple Ways Of Nurturing Customer Loyalty

It's a know fact: It's easier getting your customer do a second buy than creating a new customer. 

That's why nurturing and maintaining your customers is vital to your business growth.

It's an art anyone can learn and apply easily. The following 10 business rules will help make your customers glued to you. Practice them and I will surely  promise you truly loyal  customer.

1. Rock-solid Guarantee

Nothing beats trust that you will deliver on your promises. A strong guarantee makes customers build confidence in you. You'll have more customers if people realize that there is no risk in trading with you.

2. Get Your Customers Surprised

With the run to keep expenditure as low as possible, most businesses only deliver on what is expected of them.

You can use this chance to stand out by going an extra mile.

We all want to be appreciated. You don't need to do anything so big. Simply send a thank you card, a small gift, a note or even a special appreciation by word of mouth or call.

3. Easy Business Processes and PROCEDURES

Make it easy for your customers to access any information they need. Respond to them quickly giving relevant information.

4. Respect Respect Respect!

Treat your customers with respect. At times it can be hard especially if you've ever dealt with dishonest clients. But generally, most people are trustworthy, more so them interested in building relationships. When a mistake arises, realize we're all human and thus subjected to err. So solve problems with respect but quickly to avoid affecting your business.

5. One-on-One Reach Out

Customers want that feeling that they are more than just a name on your list. Most people will actually stop giving you business if they discovered they're simply objects to help you make gains. Have a personal reach out to your customers. You may at times share personal life with them. Turn your customers to friends and you won't regret the decision. By the way, do you have a list of your customers?

6. Update Your Products

Time changes. There are new needs emerging every day. Be keen to satisfy your customers' appetite. This requires early research such that you're always ahead of the clients.

The risk of depending on customers to tell you their new needs is by the time you implement they've moved to a new need. You'll be lagging behind.

7. Consistence On Quality

Never ever deliver low quality work. That will mark the beginning of chaos. At times we may want to do more to impress our clients only to realize we've sacrificed on quality. The only option you have to survive is maintain your quality or shoot it up.


8. Honor Deadlines!

Let your 2 days be 2 days. Nothing really upsets clients like unbeaten deadlines. In fact, if possible, work hard to exceed their expectations and deliver before the agreed time.

9. Deliver More

Purpose to deliver more - in service, time, quality or quantity. There's a good feeling when you answer yes to a client asking, "Is this mine, for free?"

 I do video production and at times I may offer my clients an extra DVD copy or do coverage past the agreed time.

The returns are always better compared to the cost of producing that extra DVD copy or sacrifice of time.


10. Grow Strong Links

I made this the last rule on purpose. The above 9 rules are a prerequisite to it. Correct implementation of the above 9 will simply build strong links between your customers and your business. When in good terms with clients, their word of mouth will freely advertise your business. (I know you like that)

Any business that will stand needs a steady growing number of customers. It's your role as the manager to ensure this is achieved to secure the future stability of your business.

Do you own a business or have some insights on maintaining customers? Please do share here bellow.