6 Things You're Doing That Will Never Help You!

Over a long time, I've realized there are a number of things we passionately engage in, spend a lot of our precious time and/or money, but yet gain very little or nothing at all.

The result is a wasted life. Wasted opportunities; Time we willingly pour to a drain.

Today I wanna share briefly the 5 things which we enjoy doing thinking we're progressing, but in the real sense we're stagnant or making tortoise moves.

Identity: The Source of Fights Within You

A time comes in life when one is exposed to extraordinary difficulties. When you can't go forward nor retreat. All you can do is be there. Clueless. Somebody out there ever been in such a fix? That moment life feels empty and useless?

This is the time suicide thoughts become the only solution. The time big dreams are aborted, and people literally go insane. Today I want us to look at why the fights within yourself and why your identity is the most sought thing, and why you MUST fearlessly guard this identity.

My 10 C's Of Relationships & Marriage

I've done a number of wedding coverage and I've been compiling the wealthy advice given in the sermons. 

Today I thought of dropping a small portion of my compilation in quick-point-form. Sure, you can find many C's of anything, but here I choose the cream from my list. I guess this is my shortest post ever, yet very informative.

And here goes my 10 C's of relationships and marriage:

Understanding Eternal Judgement: Part III

Welcome again!

On our second part of this series, understanding Eternal Judgement,  we studied the principles of divine judgment and why judgment shall take place. Today we're looking at the 3 times of Judgement, 3
locations of judgment and the 2 divisions of people who shall appear before eternal judgment. Polite  notice: The post shall be slightly longer! (but not so long..haha).


A) The Times of Judgment

The Bible indicates there is a past, present and future judgment.

6 Basics of Money Discipline You Must Know

The financial heights one can ride doesn't necessarily  depend on the amount of monthly income s(he) pockets. This is a fact, you can tweet it for free!

It's always a sad story finding out you're struggling with the same financial problems month-in month-out. One may rush to blaming the boss for a small salary. The truth is you can actually do much using your current income. The principles are the same whether you have much or less; the figures don't matter as such (I know you're contending with that...stop! lol!)

So, how can you achieve much with the bird at hand? Here I discuss six basics of money

My Confession

As a youth, life presents me with many opportunities at once, and to me that is first a BLESSING and (please allow me to say,softly) a curse.

I guess, one of the biggest nightmares I've ever faced, and indeed true to the people of my age group, is the headache in deciding which path to walk from the many paths life presents in many spheres. I know we always want to look smart, achievers and strong. But the truth is, within us are strong battles; contending with decisions, fears-amid-courage, tides running through our

Understanding Eternal Judgment: Part II

I want to believe, if we're following this series, that by now we've understood the seriousness of the matter of eternal judgment. On the first part of understanding eternal judgment, we defined the term judgment, learnt who's the judge in this great world occurrence, and lastly saw that the standard by which we all shall be charge is God's word.

In this second part, as promised in part one, we're going to study principles of divine judgment and why judgment shall take place.

The Principles Of Divine Judgment
World Principles of judgment vary from nation to nation. The standard may vary from state to state within a nation and from city to city. Worldly principles of judgment and punishment vary

The Concept of Camera Focusing

In the article "Young, gifted and slack", Dominic Barton, Managing Director of McKinsey & Company, argues that one of the biggest problems facing the world in 2013 is the prolonged - and seemingly intractable - crisis of youth unemployment. 

In a recent McKinsey survey, Dominic says that some 40% of employers reported that they struggle to fill entry-level jobs because the candidates have inadequate skills and without a remedy for this mismatch of demand and supply, we forecast that by 2020 there will be a global shortfall of 85m high- and middle-skill workers for the labour market. 

Almost all of us can agree that's very true, and this is the question I'd love we address in this article since we truly need skilled young people to take this economy to another level.

I'm a videographer by profession (but I must confess blogging is taking shape too -lol). And before you run away, I'm not about to list my skills and professions. I want to freely and generously pour a simple concept from my profession that I practice almost daily, and how, if employed correctly, can help make a critical life choice for a promising skillful youth generation.

Understanding Eternal Judgment: Part I

This is the series of the study on foundation principles of a Christian faith. Last week I did an article that served to call us to meditate on the magnitude of eternal judgement (Worth Thinking Twice: Eternal Judgment), and here we begin a journey to understand what God expects of us as far as eternal judgment is concerned.

Eternal judgment is the last of the six principles mentioned by Paul in Hebrews 6:1-2

Since the topic is intensive and I'd love we digest every bit, I've divided it to 3 posts. In this fist part of the study, we shall seek to understand what is eternal judgment, the judges involved and the standard by which we shall be judged. This is a soul surgery article, so we expect it to pierce a bit.

Why You Must Protect Your Future As A Youth

I love youth life because it presents a big opportunity to take control of my future and decide what it shall look like. We can't count examples of people around us whose lives are wrecked and in "bad" condition simply because they allowed others to determine their destiny some few years back.

In this article we’ll explore the importance of being firm in deciding your future and the 3 main areas you must make wise decisions. I'm likely to be firm (or should I say harsh, lol!) at some points, but please bear with me, it is the only way to drive the point home.