6 Things You're Doing That Will Never Help You!

Over a long time, I've realized there are a number of things we passionately engage in, spend a lot of our precious time and/or money, but yet gain very little or nothing at all.

The result is a wasted life. Wasted opportunities; Time we willingly pour to a drain.

Today I wanna share briefly the 5 things which we enjoy doing thinking we're progressing, but in the real sense we're stagnant or making tortoise moves.

1. Learning Without Practicing

Learning something new requires your time and concentration, and sometimes resources. It's a noble thought that you should gain from your learning. One thing common to almost all of us is reading to feel good. 

We go online, read a powerful post on Facebook, Google+, blog or any other source and feel energized. Yea, we go ahead and like it, or even make wise comments. We boast we've read 3 books this month. The problem is by the time we retire to bed, we don't even remember what we read. Sad indeed.

Another thing we all enjoy are quotes by great successful people. Some of us are good at clamming them and quoting them appropriately. Unfortunately, all this vast knowledge does is to comfort us for a moment, make our heart and lives merry for a day, and we remain the same.

Let's be serious for a moment. Last week, how much did you learn? How much time did you spend online? How much did you receive from talking to friends? Did you just finish reading a book? How much of this knowledge have you applied to your personal life? How has your life changed through your dedication to learning all this?

Trust me, unpracticed knowledge is wasted knowledge. You better practice what you've learnt, if possible immediately, for as time elapses, you tend to forget most.

You'll be amazed how fast and high you'll fly in life if you practice what you learn daily. Try it today! Purpose this week to try something new. Force yourself. Work hard to achieve the goal. Repeat it. Make it a character. I bet, your life shall change for better!

 But all the same, learning is better than not learning at all. So learn something new today!

2. Complaining

Whenever we complain, we basically react to external conditions and people around us in order to avoid facing what we're feeling inside. Unfortunately, this does not kill our fears and pains within us. It only keeps us in a rat race. The beautiful story is we all know whether we're victims or not...lol!

Instead, you can choose to face what's ailing you and find the best way to go about it. This will bring you happiness, make you more productive, and, as a result, help you make significant progress in your personal life.

To learn more about complaining, the effects it has on your growth, and how to stop it check "Are you Complaining Too Much?"

3. Worrying

If you may examine worry for a moment, you'll realize that it won't stop "the bad" things from taking place. Worry will never change a situation. Why? because it ain't an action but a feeling; a negative feeling. What it actually does is blocking you from enjoying the good things in your life. I guess the less said about it the better. Arise shake that worry off and move on!

4. Showing off Your Success

I'm waiting for anybody to list to me what one gains by showing off what he has gained. You see, one fact with showing off is it uses a lot of your thinking. And I haven't found any tedious work as thinking. That's why a manager earns more than those under them working with their hands. The more you think, the more you work, the more you earn. 

Only that "the showing off thinking" earns you nothing but fake friends who'd love to spend your success with you. 

Success is to be used not to be shown off. So next time you make any progress, use it to move to another level and help others realize their dreams.

5. Feeling Sorry For a Repeated Mistake

I'm sorry guys, but I hate this. Last time you messed somebody, became so apologetic, got forgiven. Then two weeks later, or a month, you repeat the very same mistake! That ain't fair.

Ain't fair to your friends, to yourself, to your boss and company, to whoever involved. Mistakes are meant to make us sharper and better. 

6. Partnering With Satan

I'm a youth and I must confess a morally upright and holly life is one thing you must fight for. It doesn't come naturally. One must make a decision to overcome. We're enticed and pressed from all corners of life and you can easily opt to bend your character.

Never the less, after we're through with this life, devil will not pat anybody's shoulder saying, "Bro, thanks you were such unfaithful boy!"

Purpose to be trustworthy. Be morally upright. Be faithful. Simply do good and all shall be OK. Integrity is not so common in our generation. You can help build it. Partner with God!

Back to you: Do you know anything that consumes our time and resources yet doesn't help us grow in any life sphere? Or which of the above points can you identify with? Please do share your thoughts in the comment box bellow. Also remember to hit the share button to reach our friends.