Identity: The Source of Fights Within You

A time comes in life when one is exposed to extraordinary difficulties. When you can't go forward nor retreat. All you can do is be there. Clueless. Somebody out there ever been in such a fix? That moment life feels empty and useless?

This is the time suicide thoughts become the only solution. The time big dreams are aborted, and people literally go insane. Today I want us to look at why the fights within yourself and why your identity is the most sought thing, and why you MUST fearlessly guard this identity.

 I'm writing this article to serve 3 categories of people:
1. My fellow youth who feel this life has lost meaning, and therefor have no hope for a future, probably thinking of suicide.
2. Anyone whose heart is ripped by the devastating numbers of hopeless young lives.
3. Whoever wants to know the heights they can reach by discovering the magnificent importance of their "self-identity".

How Comes You Fight Yourself?

We've been wrought into God's image, thus we're God-like.  This is the Identity I'm talking about. But sin tainted this image. We are born imperfect, corruptible and in dishonor, but life is meant to give us a chance to perfect this image.

I'd love to state two points here. First, God has invested a lot in us that He will never love to loss anyone of us. It truly pains Him when we suffer, and worse still, end up in hell (this is a wasted godly image!). Secondly, all the devil wants when he entices you to sin, brings suffering or drags you to hell is to capture the image of God in you to defile it so he can mock God. Trust me, the image of God in you is such precious that Satan will fight for it in whatever means, including killing you before you realize your place in God.

As a human being, you are within this two forces, but you have a  moral responsibility to decide which side to follow. The fights within you are basically the heavy thoughts that will make a decision regarding a situation in life. Before one comes to a conclusion that this life is useless, he must have fought a bitter battle within himself. There must have been exchanges in the mind and sleepless nights trying to figure a way out. Trust me, better a physical fight than a mental one!

Listen to me, there's STILL hope!

I'm not just writing sweet words, no! I truly know there's hope to that reckless, unpromising, dying life. 

Personally I once got fed up with life. Felt better I wasn't born. Did I think of suicide? Yes! You Job Gichana? Yes, I! Thank God I sensed I was not heading on the right direction and ran to a counselor before I lost my mind - and we could not be reading this article. I bless Jesus!

There is hope because of your identity. The image in you is one of a victor, ever-living God! Oh yes, you may feel like letting it go, lying down and die so you can go away from the tormenting environment. 

Doesn't the sun light always show up? Oh, yes! Does it rain forever? Nope! Does the night take 24 hour? No! Seasons change!

So what should you do?

Whenever fixed tightly between the left and right hand, and you can't breath, there will be two voices speaking to you.

The loudest advices, "You can't hold any more, you need to rest, in fact wait for your death! oh no, go for it! After all what's life?" 

The small and still voice beckons, "You're worth! You can make it! Hold on there! Just have faith; life will change!"

This is the fight you must face. And you'll either win or lose. 

 My dear, have this hope that it won't be stormy forever. Yes, the sea shall surely calm down. Hold on. For the sake of the identity in you, hold on. Don't give the devil a chance to manipulate your priceless godly image. Don't let him celebrate. The God your creator sees you and if you trust Him He shall surely deliver you. All He is asking is be still and know He's God.

The Self Pride

The self bride tells you to face your storms on-head. Yes, jump into the sea and fight for your life! Man, stir yourself, do something!

That's a lie and it's not wise. How do you get saved by jumping into boiling oil? This is what God says, "Be still!" He is faithful enough, wait on Him.

How You Can Be Of Help

  • Never ever think you are valueless! Your life is precious because you carry the image of God. By doing this, you form part of the focused group, thus becoming part of the solution.
  • Have you regained from depression, hopelessness or suicide, use your testimony to save others.
  • If you have a heart for lives, find a life to inspire. Take some time to pray for the hopeless and the captive. Be a blessing!


My Humble Caution!

The worst mistake you may make is ridiculing somebody that he's depressed by a tiny problem. You may not understand the depth the roots have dug into a heart. What might be weightless to you can be a whole mountain on somebody's shoulders. 

Instead, take a positive view and help out. Lead a heart to a stress-free living. Who knows, you may salvage an identity from eternal destruction!

Now back to you. Have you fought a situation in life and won? Overcame suicide? Are you in a fix right now? Or do you have an advice on overcoming the stormy life? Share your story on the comment box bellow; you can help inspire a life. And that's what life is all about: Saving others.

Be blessed as you fight to guard the godly identity in you.