My 10 C's Of Relationships & Marriage

I've done a number of wedding coverage and I've been compiling the wealthy advice given in the sermons. 

Today I thought of dropping a small portion of my compilation in quick-point-form. Sure, you can find many C's of anything, but here I choose the cream from my list. I guess this is my shortest post ever, yet very informative.

And here goes my 10 C's of relationships and marriage:

1. Christ

Let Christ be the center and foundation of your relationship and you'll never regret it.

2. Companionship

Strife to be the best of friends. Yes there are mountains to climb, but purpose to be married friends!

3. Commitment

Let the past be the past and put all of your efforts to make your relationship/marriage work.

4. Conflict Resolution

Always seek for a win-win mentality whenever you're solving a problem. No one should feel defeated or alienated even if found to be the falter.

5. Communication

Go beyond conversation, sharing of facts and judgments, emotions and feelings, to the level where you communicate even with silence.

6. Concentrate!

Relationships and marriage form the greatest school in life. Make sure you earn a PhD!

7. Counsel

At all times, your counsel should come from couples who fear God and whose marriages are standing. Avoid advice from people with unstable marriage.

8. Community

Your union should contribute to the community. Add value to people around you and make sure you leave a godly legacy from which others can learn.

9. Compromise

Relationships are give-take agreements. Be ready to compromise whenever need arises. You can imagine the kind of marriage you can build if both of you are willing go an extra mile for the happiness of the of the ether party.

10. Confidence

That you are in the right relationship with the right person. As simple as that.

My best point is adding value to the Community. If we truly purpose to be of any meaning to our surrounding, then we shall work towards living positively, not only in relationships and marriage, but also in every sphere of life. Which point did you love most? Do you have any advice towards health relationships and marriage? Feel free to leave your comment bellow.