My Confession

As a youth, life presents me with many opportunities at once, and to me that is first a BLESSING and (please allow me to say,softly) a curse.

I guess, one of the biggest nightmares I've ever faced, and indeed true to the people of my age group, is the headache in deciding which path to walk from the many paths life presents in many spheres. I know we always want to look smart, achievers and strong. But the truth is, within us are strong battles; contending with decisions, fears-amid-courage, tides running through our
hearts and minds, wondering - at this point, what should I choose? what's best for me?

This is my confession. Yes, I may write in plural, but it's because I know I'm presenting a good number of us. In fact almost all of us: the youth. And if you really don't belong to this pool, then thank God and run ahead, fast! If I'm talking about you then continue reading.

Thinking thinking thinking. Analyzing. Praying. Reading. Searching. Lest you find yourself in an abyss.

Just Walk, Life Will Align Itself

A lie! Trust me that's a lie!

If you ever make such a decision, you simply declare doom over your entire life. Why? While you're walking, you're just taking a ride. A ride with a few weeks-months-years of your life.

When I bought my computer, I knew nothing concerning specs. But I knew I needed the right computer that would do the heavy video editing. Thank God at least I KNEW i needed the RIGHT comp. But I knew not the right comp. I took a trusted friend with me, and bought the right computer. I've never regretted. You can imagine what could have happened if I SIMPLY walked into a computer shop and JUST bought a computer. MAYBE, by chance, I could have gotten a better comp. MAYBE by bad luck, I could be regretting, having bought a computer that struggles through loading a 30-minutes clip. All video
editors can tell you that's DOOM. Are you getting what I'm saying?

So Unique Is Your Path!

Now that's true!

There's one thing we must urgently learn and accept: What worked or works for me, must not necessarily work for you. Right?

I've said on the "ABOUT" page of this blog that what I write here is the solution to what I've gone through. True to that statement, in the past few years, I've tried to do what I adored and thought were ways to follow because some of my friends had successfully walked through them. Up to-date I regret a wast of my precious time. 

Since I learnt my life path is so unique, that God has bestowed upon me unique blessing, I've scaled some heights (and I must confess I'm happy with my life). That truth will set you free and spring you to live your life. You don't need to start blogging like Job. You don't need to be a doctor like your mum. Neither do you need to start the same business as your closest pal. You ONLY need to be YOU. Full stop. 

Success in life ain't owning the world, it's having real happiness each day. Real happiness. But that's a dream to many because they want to live like others; marry like somebody. Drive like that super star. Live in neighborhood like my schoolmate. I guess the greatest achievement to make is being you.

A Day At A Time, The Song Says So

Now that's true. Live each day. God supplies strength for a day ONLY. If you're living tomorrow, you're simply being unfair to today's strength and time. In any case, who said tomorrow will come? Jesus may come today! lol. Where will the tomorrow be?

Then Job why advice us to join SACCOs. Plan for our careers. Think hard of who's gonna be our life partner? I'm I contradicting myself? NO!

Planning is part of happiness. In fact a planned project or day is 50% successful already. Why? Because you already have an idea of what you WILL do. The mistake we make is dying wondering of the many 'supposes'. Plan well and when tomorrow comes execute your plans, utilizing to the maximum the opportunities coming with the day. It's good to know that the 50% success vary drastically depending on the quality of your planning. Live a day at a time. That's my strategy.

My Conclusion

As a youth, life can be a puzzle, confusing and wearing, if you're concerned with maximizing your stay on earth. This is the time you're making major decisions that will mostly determine that kind of life you'll lead. If you take path X that means you're likely to miss opportunities on path Y and evade tragedies on path M. 

Where you want to live, how you want to work, who you want to marry, what church you'll make your home, what kind of a person you'd love to be...these are questions we must answer correctly and truly if we want the best of our lives. It therefore takes quality thinking. So be fair to yourself, take some time and meditate. After planning, make God your leader! He supplies the strength and time. Care for yourself. Repeat the process periodically to gauge yourself and see if you need to change the gear. All the best with blessings!

What do you think should youth do to maximize their potential in life? Be free to write your comment on the comment box bellow. I love sharing, and thus I love people who share. Go ahead and hit the share button to reach your friends.