Why You Must Protect Your Future As A Youth

I love youth life because it presents a big opportunity to take control of my future and decide what it shall look like. We can't count examples of people around us whose lives are wrecked and in "bad" condition simply because they allowed others to determine their destiny some few years back.

In this article we’ll explore the importance of being firm in deciding your future and the 3 main areas you must make wise decisions. I'm likely to be firm (or should I say harsh, lol!) at some points, but please bear with me, it is the only way to drive the point home.

Be the Driver Of Your Dream
None understands your dreams better than you because you did dream alone. None can explain better where you want to be 5 years from now other than you. That's why you need to be the driver.

The Place of Friends
There are very strong forces working in any relationship. This forces constantly determine the destine of whatever we lay our hands to do. But it's until we begin doing something meaningful that we'll start to feel the forces; pulling you away from achieve your dream. Some will definitely propel you towards achieving it.

You might have realized that friends have a fairly good influence on our decisions. Before you began that business, you probably shared with some pals. Before you decide to say yes to that man, you must have talked to a friend about it. And you are at the center of this drama. At the end of the day your ultimate destiny is in your hands.

You must learn to stand your ground and defend your dream whenever tides of negative minds hit it.
A promising future has demanded you do more than expected and go an extra mile, now. This is not going to be good news to some guys since time for fun has to drop to attend to more serious issues. (I know that's a rough statement.)

You must prepare for some rejection. And this is the time to Stand your ground to protect your dream. You can't afford to please a friend for the expense of your future.(another harsh one)

The Power of Inner Voice

We're all talented in amazing ways. There is a unique potential in every individual. From within boils great ideas and God created an inner small voice which speaks to us all the time. Successful people have learned to listen this voice. It's driven by passion. Passion shapes our goals. Goals make our future.

3 things You Need to Choose Wisely
1. what you want to do in life 
Often called career, it's what you'll spend most of your time on. It's true the economy is pressing us, the formal employment is not so promising, and we may opt to settle and be grateful for the little we'll get.  Trust me that's a lie.

All things are possible if we set out hearts to achieve. It's only hard. But since when god things came on a silver platter? It takes strong young men, who've decided to make a change. While young, one needs to take a serious look of what s[he] wants to do in life. Is what you're doing really what you want to do for the rest of your life?

Find what your heart cherishes and go after it. It may seem difficulty, but it's possible. You don't want to regret at your 40's that you took a wrong career path. take charge and invest your time and resources in what you enjoy. You have a chance to decide.
2. Life Partner
You'll live with this person for the rest of your life. Make sure you can laugh and cry together in unison. Friends will attend your wedding and support you, but never live with you in your marriage. Avoid unnecessary affairs, they only waste your time and money. Be focused. You have one heart for one person. Decide wisely who to marry. you have a chance to decide.

3. Eternity
Where your soul will land after you're  through with the earth life (probably successful). The choice consists of two places: Heaven or Hell, determined by eternal judgment. Take time to consider your spiritual path. It's actually life's biggest test: Amidst the rough encounters on earth, will you make a wise decision regarding your eternity? You have a chance to decide.

Room For Advice

In our circles are people dedicated to our success; people who wish us good and ready to give advice. That's why you need to listen to sound advice. Surround yourself with more people of this kind. Encouraging minds will foster confidence in you and help realize your goals faster. This blog could have remained to be a dream was it not for one my friends, Lilian Kaivilu (liliankaivilu.com).

Even criticism has its place in shaping your future. It opens your eyes to see your faults. You may also wish to turn it to stepping stones. When I face negative forces, I work more since  i get informed that what I'm doing is important. With your intellect, choose what is good for you. But always don't move with the crowd! Think of your path and where you want to be as a person in the future.

Taking your ground as a young person is fundamental if at all you want to make a difference. You have a chance. That's what one misses when age catches up with him: A chance.  Nothing is impossible, believe in your self and explore the world. This world has enough problems, decide today to be part of the solution. You have a chance.