Bachelors And The Kitchen

Today I invite all men for a men talk...hah...I love this!

From the many mentions I've heard, it's like most men are really annoying in the kitchen. I can't prove that, now that I'm not married, but it's one thing I'd love to experience. I love cooking and I guess it shall be a disaster if my wife shall not be comfortable with me being around her kitchen. But either-way, am getting prepared.

Away from a couple's kitchen, we shall cross the bridge when we get there. Let's concentrate on a bachelor's kitchen and why

Please, Don't Swing Your Legs!

There's a wise Swahili proverb that says "ukibebwa usilevyelevye miguu." Its direct translation is: When being carried, don't swing your legs about. I guess it's because whoever is carrying you may get weary and maybe feel their efforts are not appreciated. Needless to say, the result definitely won't be beautiful.

I'd love to address one negative trait so evidence in a good number of people: Being unappreciative when hosted. It's really hard to understand why them being helped act like they don't need help? I do pray we view

Could You Be Slowed By Chains?

One of my favorite thought and passion these last two months (and still in me) is breaking away from entangling chains. 'Break Every Chain' by Tasha Cobbs has been my best song; I even made it my ringtone to make sure it sinks deed into my nerves.

May be you're good, but for me I realized I've a number of chains I must contend with. Some are huge indeed, but thank God He has given me a formula.

Now listen: Do you put more

Credibility: Can Anyone Follow You?

Can Anyone Follow You?
We always have a shop we buy our essentials. There is a barber or salonist we like visiting. We can't lend things to some friends, while we can readily give out to others. You've your favorite mechanic who checks your car. Parents are so choosy on the school their kids should join.

Why the 'partiality'? It's about the credibility of the providers of these goods and services.

Then the question goes, how much can people trust you for the resources they put in your hands? Can we invest our time, money and energy in you? It's a question all employers want to answer whenever you're

That First Step!

For a long time, I've realized that what really stops us from advancing is the picture in our minds on how something is supposed to be.

 Since we're humans, we always want certainty before starting anything; have a certain degree of hope that we won't fail. So we keep on painting this picture, tossing it from this corner to another. And the more we do this, the more impossibilities that will emerge. This has prevented many from taking that crucial first step, locking up great ideas, projects, relationships, businesses, and many other beautiful things.

Did You Meet Her At The Well, Too?

Very fast, before all ladies throw stones on me, may I say that question can be re-framed to: Did you meet him at the well too? What a title ladies and gentlemen!

It's amazing the kind of love stories and romance witnessed at the well sides throughout the Bible. And it appears to me, mostly, whenever a well is mentioned in the Bible, the word "maiden or damsel" follows closely. And we can all agree those are beautiful words. Aren't they?

I decided to do some research and I marveled at how wells were a meeting point

Are You Complaining Too Much?

Last week I promised to do you an article on complaining, and here it is! (Clap for my faithfulness! lol.) Thanks if you did clap.

Before we paint an ugly picture on this subject, may I say that complaining can be good and a source of healing, sometimes. Therefore there are two types of complaining: Instrumental and Expressive.

Instrumental complaining seeks to find a solution to a problem. For instance, if your boss complains of your late coming or inconsistency in producing quality work, then he's intending to put the working etiquette in

Understanding Eternal Judgment: Part IV

This is the last part of the series on understanding eternal judgment. On the 3rd part of this series we looked at the 3 times of Judgement, 3 locations of judgment and the 2 divisions of people who shall appear before eternal judgment. 

This 4th part is the shortest of all and focus to explain the final destiny of the righteous and the wicked. For a better understanding of the same, we have a good number of Bible references; the beautiful thing is