Bachelors And The Kitchen

Today I invite all men for a men talk...hah...I love this!

From the many mentions I've heard, it's like most men are really annoying in the kitchen. I can't prove that, now that I'm not married, but it's one thing I'd love to experience. I love cooking and I guess it shall be a disaster if my wife shall not be comfortable with me being around her kitchen. But either-way, am getting prepared.

Away from a couple's kitchen, we shall cross the bridge when we get there. Let's concentrate on a bachelor's kitchen and why
it's important to make one's own meals.

Bachelors are really amazing creatures when it comes to cooking, if they do any cooking at all. I know most of us have specialties when we get our way to the kitchen. We mostly cook spaghetti, eggs, and a cup of tea. And our cooking knowledge hits a dead rock! If graced a bit, we may steam some vegetables. Lol! Anything based on backing, "hard recipes" and new stuff is out of our territory. Amazing men. 

Some guys have actually made a routine of visiting a nearby food-shop or restaurant each meal time (till their meals are booked without order!) Some are surviving on fast foods. May be this may explain why most men add weight immediately after getting married. A few individuals clean the stencils not when they've cooked and eaten, but when they are planning to cook. Hope you got that.

Men we need to do something and this is why I'll briefly campaign with these four reasons why you need to RECONSIDER making your own meal.

1. Your Health Matters
There is no possible way of making sure the meals you're taking are 100% natural unless you prepared yourself. Restaurants and hotels are in the business of making money, though a few may care about your health. 

Your body is the vessel that enables you achieve all you want in life. You need your heart, brains, muscles, eyes...and you need them sound. Eating health is one sure way of maintaining your health. What about determining how much fat gets into your body? And deciding the proportions for calories and nutrients? 

Think about this: What do you think happens to your body when you eat fries (chips) and that fried chicken for every lunch in 4-5 days a week? What about spaghetti with eggs for most of your supper? Are you doing any important investment? No, you're being totally unfair to that body.

I know it isn't easy to walk this road, but it surely pays.

2. Lower Your Monthly Expenditure
Knowing what eats your money is one of the basics of money discipline you must know. You might be shocked at how much money you'll be saving monthly by simply stopping eating from restaurants and starting cooking your own meals.

It's simple. I like doing it practically. Take a one month survey and daily note down every meal you take and the amount you spend normally (from restaurant). Then for the following month, do shopping for your own food and cook for yourself and make a note daily of how much you spend. If it becomes hard, you may decide to collect data for a week then multiply by four weeks. Find the difference. You can spend that money on other issues. Why I want the record of the types of meals kept is to compare which of the two is more health. Decide for yourself.

3. A Plus From Your Wife
I recently read an article by Claire Lower that gave reasons why men are annoying in the kitchen. In this article, Claire says 9% of the women find it irritating that their partners are better cooks. That tells you that a whopping 91% of ladies do cherish men who not only like cooking, but also know what cooking is. I tend to think it must be fun spending time with your wife cooking. And it's better way of building and cementing your friendship as a couple. I'm not sure if mine falls on the 9% or the 91%, but as I said, I'm learning to cook, so I know I'll be safe on either side. It doesn't pain being told to watch some TV while a meal is being prepared. Haha...

4. Some Form Of Discipline
It truly takes some personal discipline to prepare your own meals since it requires some knowledge, time and commitment as compared to ordering ready-made dishes. One thing with self discipline is that it has a tendency to spill to unwanted areas. Thus if you're disciplined with your kitchen and meals, you're likely to take charge of other spheres of life. I'm talking of getting organized. The principles and virtues your kitchen teaches you can be of great help somewhere.

Helping Note
If you may lack ideas on what and how to cook, you may wish to google thousands of websites on recipes. Sites like simplyrecipes.com, food.com and allrecipes.com can be of great help. You can also find out from your local TV stations if they are airing some recipe lessons, which I guess they should.

Now you know what you've been missing. Above that, how do you explain in your late twenties that all you can do in a whole kitchen is boiling an egg? Surely?!

Blessings and all the best in your cooking journey!

Back to you: What other benefits come with preparing own meals? For men, what is your experience in the kitchen?