Credibility: Can Anyone Follow You?

Can Anyone Follow You?
We always have a shop we buy our essentials. There is a barber or salonist we like visiting. We can't lend things to some friends, while we can readily give out to others. You've your favorite mechanic who checks your car. Parents are so choosy on the school their kids should join.

Why the 'partiality'? It's about the credibility of the providers of these goods and services.

Then the question goes, how much can people trust you for the resources they put in your hands? Can we invest our time, money and energy in you? It's a question all employers want to answer whenever you're
in an interview. We must be certain of this before we give you that promotion. Anyone looking for a life partner needs to know if they can trust this guy with their precious hearts. this is why you must check on your credibility.

Meaning of credibility
Credibility is a virtue built on two pillars namely trust and expertise. It's that assurance that someone can carry out the task offered effectively. If a person talks to you honestly but fails to deliver results, then you won't trust him. The opposite is true. 

Do I really need Credibility?
Oh Yes! Credibility is so crucial in acquiring success in life since no serious investor is ready to waste his resources. The world is full of competition and there are plenty of great ideas all over. Credibility will help you emerge at the top of your competitors. Leaders with credibility get more followers to push their vision to realization.

The bad news: None is born with credibility.

The good news: You can build this important value step by step. It may take time because you must change your system of doing things, slowly.

How to Establishing Your Credibility
1. Inspire trust
Trust is a major link in creating any relationship, whether personal or professional. It's determined by your character which includes your integrity and intent towards those around you. Integrity demands you do right things always with the right motive. This compels people to willingly respect and trust your decisions.

Keep your word! Your true reputation is important than anything. Be careful to give promises that you can fulfill.

Accountability. Be ready to carry any blame that is yours. And, very fast, go to rectifying the mistake.

Transparency and openness. What you do and say counts in building trust. Let people know you're withholding no information from them. Be clear. If you don't know, acknowledge it as opposed to protecting yourself.

Then learn your core values; who you are and what you stand for. Know your morals and what you want to be. Set your boundaries. After being sure of this, purpose to defend it even if the majority is not on your side. People who always stand on the truth, especially when none is defending them are easily trusted. 

2. Self discipline
Learn to control your appetite and desires! It's called self discipline. Don't be swayed by any passing wind. Be keen to discern what is needful of you at a given time. Get focused to accomplish the goals you set (on time). Find inspiration from within to conquer every obstacle.

3. Check on your expertise
Did you know nobody wants to love people who don't know how to love? lol..Who wants to live with boring partners? Up your game!! Away from that.

What I'm saying is master what you're doing. May I mention here that you need to choose one area and specialize in it. This ensures that you ain't just good but perfect. You may wish to read 'the concept of camera focusing' to get more insights on the importance of specialization.

Get informed on your area of expertise. Learn of the new and emerging issues. This will give you an upper hand when offering solutions. You'll be counted credible and trustworthy if your information births answers.

4. Right Motives
Why are you appreciating people? Why are you punishing that employee? What is your intent?

Do all things with the right motive. May your heart be satisfied that you're acting righteously and you're not intending to hurt anyone but to make the situation better. We can't hide our intentions, and even if we do, we won't go far with it. If your desire is to nature your credibility, then fostering a right motive mentality within you is no option.

5. Personal Presentation
It always seems a small issue on considering how one presents him/herself, but trust me it tells much than you can imagine. Communicate effectively. This requires you listen attentively and make informed remarks and suggestions. Personal presentation also includes how you dress. Dressing smartly and sharply will earn you some free credit.

When you lack Credibility
Lack of credibility slows results and increases loses. It introduces low energies into a relationship or organization thus making the participants drug themselves. People will take long to execute orders or opinions presented by untrusted leaders.

Opportunities will pass you if you can't be trusted. Friends shall surely desert you. You may be sacked. Your organization or business may fall. That marriage or relationship may break. It's sooo possible, when you lack credibility.

That's why you need credibility. Go ahead and establish yours!

Back to you: Do you think it's of any important to build credibility? Any tips on how to go through it? Feel free to share in the comment box bellow. Sharing is caring, go ahead and hit the share button to reach our friends!