Did You Meet Her At The Well, Too?

Very fast, before all ladies throw stones on me, may I say that question can be re-framed to: Did you meet him at the well too? What a title ladies and gentlemen!

It's amazing the kind of love stories and romance witnessed at the well sides throughout the Bible. And it appears to me, mostly, whenever a well is mentioned in the Bible, the word "maiden or damsel" follows closely. And we can all agree those are beautiful words. Aren't they?

I decided to do some research and I marveled at how wells were a meeting point
to major partners in the Bible. Funny enough (or should I say serious enough) these events were orchestrated by God Himself. Then the big question goes, "anything so important with a well?" definitely yes!

So that you can get this picture clearly, here are 3 examples of couples who met at the well.

1. Isaac and Rebekah - Genesis 24:13...
Isaac was not present but represented by his father's servant. This servant actually prayed that God may show him the right 'damsel' (I truly love that word). And God brought Rebekah his way!

2. Jacob and Rachael - Genesis 29:2...
Jacob didn't really go to Laban, his mothers brother, to get a wife. He was mainly running away from Esau's anger. But talk of amazing God! And when he got at Padanaram, weary and tired, talking to boring shepherds watering their flock, there appeared Rachael! Again, orchestrated by God.

3. Moses and Zipporah - Exodus 2:14...

Moses, of all the people, had to go all the way to the well?! The Bible says in verse 15 "..and he sat down by a well" It sounds like he knew what he was doing. Waiting. All over sadden, there came 7 daughters. Some shepherds drove them from getting the water, but Moses "acted"; he'd killed a person and knew how to deal with such 'fellows'. He helped the lads and, in fact, watered their animals. This action not only did help Moses get a dwelling (for he had ran away from Pharaoh's house), but also gave him a wife. I call for all men to ACT.

Wells are a source of water. Fresh water. In times when there were no taps or reservoirs, no idea can be formed of the practical importance a well played to serve the residents and animals with luxury of cold water to quench their thirst.

The interpretation of this is well reflected when Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. Again,  a woman and a well! And it's happening at Jacob's well!

Jesus tell this woman He shall give her living water! Aha! the pure-cold-refreshing water to a thirsty soul. Did you know this became the first woman evangelist? Yea, through her many came to Jesus.

We're talking of marriage. And the question is: did you two meet at the well?

Basically, the well is a place where exhausted, weary and lost lives can find refreshment. Where the illusions of the Bible on "living waters" are met. I guess it's because at such places, there is an atmosphere of true servant-hood. An atmosphere full of life and hope. True morality. A place where God is involved and worshiped. In such places, like Moses, go sit and wait for your life partner. A number of beautiful couples met at a gospel rally somewhere at school, in a ministry like missions, churches, etc. It was a place where living water was being offered. And God by his grace connected his servants.

It's important to note that all the participants at the wells were amazingly great people. We know the history of Isaac , Jacob and Moses. Rebekah is termed as "fair to look upon, a virgin". Rachel was "beautiful and well favoured". I didn't see anything about Zipporah, but what do we expect of a damsel?

Look at how these people are ready to help. Beautiful hearts, ready to support strangers! Most probably, these are the kind of hearts you'll find at the spiritual well.

Nevertheless, I don't really confine my case permanently to the well. We can't limit God. But it's very important, I repeat, it's very important that you both drink from the same well: Jesus Christ.

Wisdom! People, Wisdom!
As the world ages, craftiness increases. Not all people at the well are "fresheners". People are here for all sorts of business. Like Abraham's servant, may God lead you!

Action and Reaction
Suppose the servant didn't ask Rebekah of a drink? and suppose Rebekah didn't react by giving him water. If Jacob feared to introduce himself to Rachael? What if Moses didn't send away the disturbing shepherds? We couldn't be reading this article.

Both parties have a place to play. Men, please act. Ladies, don't be that silent; react.

Holy Offspring.
Before I call it a day, I must mention here that one major reason God desires brethren to unite in a relationship is to produce a seed, or siblings that will be favoured to overcome the enemy. Yes, because of the blessing of the parents, and the godly environment they shall grow, they shall have a favourable opportunity to propel the gospel. Thus God says, train a child in good ways and when he grows he shall not depart from it. Secondly, God knows iron sharpeneth iron.  And two shall not walk together unless they agree. That’s Wisdom. We're here to conquer the world, if there's anybody you should cling closer to, is a person who'll help you overcome and make it to heaven; if you're getting my point.

One Last Question: At which well are you waiting? Not all wells have fresh water you know; some are salty.

Back to you: where did you meet him/her? What are your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to leave your comments on the comment box bellow, and remember to hit the share button to reach our friends.
Blessing, and here I goooo, to wait at the well!