That First Step!

For a long time, I've realized that what really stops us from advancing is the picture in our minds on how something is supposed to be.

 Since we're humans, we always want certainty before starting anything; have a certain degree of hope that we won't fail. So we keep on painting this picture, tossing it from this corner to another. And the more we do this, the more impossibilities that will emerge. This has prevented many from taking that crucial first step, locking up great ideas, projects, relationships, businesses, and many other beautiful things.

Today we wanna talk on how you can boldly step out and make that first step.

Am not good enough
I guess this is the biggest monster. Yea, you feel that you don't measure up the task. 

You say: I'm not qualified.
               I'm too young. 
               I can't lead others.
               I don't want rejection and humiliation.

This fear mostly creep in when we compare ourselves with others. You look at how far your pal has gone career-wise and you get intimidated. There's this business idea you really want to set rolling but you keep postponing because you want to feel you've the capability like that guy. This might be the main reason why you're stagnant.

The youth can agree with me "being not good enough syndrome" is one major reason most are still single like me...lol. We want to make sure we're stable financially; make sure we're sure we can comfortably cater for a family. Most men fear their proposals hitting a dead rock simply because they feel they ain't "good enough". 

There's one thing we must all know: all the great, amazing and beautiful things begun with a SINGLE step; in most cases, a humble step. You can do the same. For me, it's much better starting than holding back in fear. Yes! Make that first step and see what will unfold. The song I don't want to sing 3-4-10 years down the line is:

                             I wish I did it!

The Big Picture: Can be Overwhelming
Before I began this blog, I did think of the fact that I shall be posting for the rest of my life, God willing. Trust me that's scaring. Do I know where I'll get the articles? I have no idea. The only thing I know is I'm passionate about Christian youth life. And I believe as I grow old I'll have more experience to advice young people. That sounds good. So I really don't pile headaches on what I'll write next month; I only know I'll write.

The same happens to many people. When you paint the whole picture of what you want to achieve, it sounds so impractical, impossible and unachievable. You can't figure out where to source the funding.  It's very important to have this picture but don't allow it to crash you! break it into manageable pieces and START eating one at a time. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, they say. Make use of this awesome quote! Dare make that first step.

Listen! They didn't make it!
At times we may draw examples from 'the unsuccessful'. Yea, wondering, "if they didn't make it, who am I to try it out?"

My advice is, don't just listen to it, learn from it. History helps us be sharper and wiser. If a friend, relative or expert failed in a certain line of action, it doesn't necesarily mean you'll fail. You only need to thank God that it wasn't you, then do it better to your success!

So don't succumb to the fears created by passed failliers. Calculate your steps careful. Ask God for guidance and wisdom, for if He truly leads you, you won't go wrong. Make that step!

At times, there are opportunities that come our way and we know for really they belong to us. But  then we sit and wait for fate to drop the gold to our hands. That's not ideal. I recently read an article emailed to me by my friend Daniel Scocco, on how he missed a crucial chance by simply sitting and letting fate take its place because he was pretty sure he was the best in the competition. I laughed my tears out on the method they used to select the best project. He actually had a chance to point out the best way of voting but chose to be a gentleman. Cut the long story, he was disappointed; though he was the best, his chance was ruined by his fears. The fears to take that crucial step.

The funny thing with opportunities is they must be filled up. If you won't fill them, somebody will. So fight for your chance! Push! In fact somebody has defined PUSH as:

I really hope none of us is going to sit down and relax because of the fear to take the first step. Go for that project you've been dreaming of! Go ahead and apply for that scholarship or degree program. Face that girl and tell her your intentions of building a permanent relationship with her. Yes, go ahead and drop that CV. Whatever you've been postponing and fearing to start, make a step. I'll always use my blog as a good example. I didn't know I'll be here, and yet this is just but the beginning. And the future is so promising; new opportunities unfold each day. Now, suppose I didn't begin? You can answer that.

Don't wait! Yes, as I said it's good to paint the bigger picture, but after that START. Make THAT  FIST STEP!!

Back to you: is there anything that stops you from making the first step? Have you overcome any obstacle as far as beginning anything is concerned? Share your wisdom with us in the comment box bellow, and don't forget to hit the share button to reach our friends!

Blessings as even you make your first step!