Empowering The Youth To Be Job Creators

Uwezo Fund: All You Need To Qualify

For my fellow youth who've been wondering where to get a loan to fund that brilliant project, there is no more worry.

His Excellence the President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the Kshs. 6 Billion Uwezo fund this month  which is meant to help youth and women groups access funds as start-up capital for small and micro business. I'm basically doing this article to explain what you need to access the loans and to urge more youth to take advantage of these funds.

Measure Your Love For Others: 15 Gauge-Points

Love! So amazing!

Its nature, power and excellence!
It exceeds speaking the languages of angles. It's above all knowledge, even of the deep secrets of God. It's much better than the greatest faith! The virtue of giving to the poor can't be compared to love.

Love is meant to regulate our conduct towards others by intently considering the effects of our decisions on them.

In these 15 deep explanations, we'll explore the nature of love, what Paul calls the most excellent endowment of the Spirit in the 13th Chapter of 1 Corinthians (find time and read that chapter). Under each virtue, you'll note the vice you'll automatically overcome if you simply loved.

Are These Pot-holes Swallowing Your Time?

As human beings, we're wired to consider urgency first (things that demand our immediate response) before importance (things that add major bricks to accomplishing long term goals).

Remember it's not a behavioral trait, it's something we're naturally created with. But a successful story is not built of the many agent things we do but rather the few most important things we achieve.

Managing time is harder because it's simply harder to change this wiring within us; this

3 Key Life lessons From The Centurion

According to American Tract Society Dictionary, a Centurion is "a Roman officer commanding a hundred soldiers; similar to "captain" in modern times."

Whenever the title "Captain" is mentioned, we tend to shiver. But In the New Testament, several Centurions are mentioned with great honor. For instance, when Jesus was dying, the Centurion who stood by Him believed He was the son of God. This is what he said: Truly this man was the Son of God. We must probably have heard of Cornelius, "A devout man, and one that feared God with all

4 Most Effective Steps To Solving Relational Problems

The stability and success of any relationship or marriage  highly depends on both the commitment and maturity of the mates. As you grow together, life changes and the life you'll lead will be determined by how these emerging changes will affect you. 

For instance, if you get into a season of financial constrains, a mature, strong partner dedicated to the relationship will stand with you and therefore helping foster a great relationship. A weakling may surely break the relationship! The same may happen if you manage to move a step higher financially.

Thus each and every relationship or family has its own ups and downs; some form of force that

Consumer Or Producer?

I just realized a shocking scenario; No! A tragedy, depending on the weight you may give it. I've not grown that old, but when I was young, We used to invent games; talk of hide and seek, bano,...the great toys we created...Oh how I miss those days! We made our own football balls. Cha mama-cha baba! Wow so creative kids we were. If you know none of these child-age games, you may replace them with what you played...lol.

My shocking scenario is on the present kid. Aha! With play stations, tablets and automated toys. Notice the difference?

The Magic In "I'm Sorry"

One of my deepest desires, as the theme of this blog goes, is to join hands with the youth of my generation to form a mature, morally upright and responsible people. Young guys who can be trusted with responsibilities. Yea, a people who we can put some hope in, that in the near future they'll form a stronger company of adults who'll run not just the economy of this world, but also the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Oops! Where does "I'm Sorry" come in here?!

Ok. One way we can achieve this goal is by learning to develop strong and  healthy relationships

Time To Switch Over?!

For the sake of parents or the elderly who may come across this article, may I start by saying that parents, guardians and the society play a critical role in molding a person.

Our mannerism, character, way of viewing life and core values mostly depend on where, how and by whom were we brought up. So it's my sincere request that each person ought to respect their backgrounds, honor their parents and families, and never look down upon their culture.

It's true, corruption is rampant in the country; it’s no miracle if young people follow suit because that's the system we've been