Measure Your Love For Others: 15 Gauge-Points

Love! So amazing!

Its nature, power and excellence!
It exceeds speaking the languages of angles. It's above all knowledge, even of the deep secrets of God. It's much better than the greatest faith! The virtue of giving to the poor can't be compared to love.

Love is meant to regulate our conduct towards others by intently considering the effects of our decisions on them.

In these 15 deep explanations, we'll explore the nature of love, what Paul calls the most excellent endowment of the Spirit in the 13th Chapter of 1 Corinthians (find time and read that chapter). Under each virtue, you'll note the vice you'll automatically overcome if you simply loved.

It's a true scale to gauge if you truly carry true love for them around you; so as you read, tick somewhere if you are good at that gauge-point.. If giving your body to be burnt for the sake of others ain't love, then what's is love? Let's see how you'll score:


#1. Love is Patient.

The connotation here is long-suffering, slow to anger and passions, and patiently enduring. It's how long the mind can bear when oppressed, provoked or injured. Love is best expressed and tested in such conditions.
The vice to overcome here is haste. That desire to hurriedly fulfill your thoughts and passions. In doing so, you'll hurt whoever is in your line of fulfilling these desires. Take time to consider the impact you'll cause to others.


#2. Love is Kind

 This means love is tender and good-natured. It ain't morose or harsh. If you truly love people you will, deep from within, desire to do them good. You'll be cautious to scratch their feelings simply because you truly care for their happiness; under all forms of provocations love remains gentle and well wishing.
Opposite is hatred. It provokes  anger and revenge, harshness and unkindness. If you know you hate that boss who sacked you without reason, or don't wish well that fiance(e) who broke your heart, then know you have no love; you didn't love them in the first place. Change please.


#3. Love is not Jealous

Another word for jealous is envy. It's a negative zeal or feeling; acting against somebody, an ardent desire against a person.

This is what love does: it delights in the well being of others. It celebrates their success. It rejoices when their wealth and comforts increase. Yea, it doesn't envy others when they are promoted or get better jobs. It embraces them when they get married before you and withes them good. That's true love!

Gauge yourself; Look at the friends around you, do you really feel good for them that they are ahead of you? What was your reaction when that colleague got a promotion? Be careful that the seed of envy doesn't germinate in you. Sniff of that feeling of uneasiness when others ride higher scales of happiness and superiority than you.


#4. Love does not Brag

Bragging is that feeling of superiority over others; it's boasting because of one's success and excellence in a given matter. It makes one disregard or feel contempt for others.
Love will respect others and regard them with esteem. Love understands that all gifts are God-given and not self gained; if I have, it's not because I'm better than you. 

There's no love in treating a person with contempt. We're meant to use our success and blessings for the edification and growth of others. Boasting ain't one way of fulfilling this. Purpose to be humble and you'll receive both the acknowledgement of God and men. Run away from bragging.


#5. Love is not Proud.

The KJV says Love "is not puffed up". 'Pride' or 'Puffed up' is that feeling and show that we do know and we're the best. It's a thought of self-sufficiency because of our knowledge, endowments, success and superiority. Pride focuses on intimidating them around you and diminishing their worth.
Love, instead, will teach us meekness and humility. It tells us others are good too in their own ways. Pride will only kill the best in us because it gives a false assurance: That we're the best.
Yea, you can be proud but not in the form of boasting; be proud of your wife, your good company, church, kid even the car (but if a form that doesn't make others feel intimidated).


#6. Love is not Rude

To be rude is to act disgracefully, in a manner that will prompts reproach. true love will help us watch our conduct and approaches to others. 

Love  regards every relationship without considering ranks. it generates respect for their views and opinions, level of wealth, dressings, place of work, religion etc.
Love won't allow you produce harsh and piercing words since it looks forward to the happiness of all. Oh, what healthy families, societies, countries and churches we would have if we truly loved others! Don't allow to be be webbed by the spirit of rudeness.


#7. Love is not Selfish

The true nature of love is to give out, willingly. This leads me to think this is the most powerful of all love traits explained by Paul.
'Not selfish' means love does not majorly seek its own happiness, at the expense of others. A person with true love does not make his happiness and well being the main objective in life. No! Love seeks the good of others.


#8. Love is not Easily Provoked

The Greek word translated  'provoked' means to sharpen with. Thus  'to provoke' here means to sharpen the temper or mind of somebody; it's to arouse anger or wrath.

If you're under the influence of love, you'll not be prone to exasperation or violence. Though injured, you won't suddenly burst into temper. Instead you'll be calm and patient. You'll control your passions as you squarely examine the issue at hand. Don't be fast to indulge into strong feelings when somebody steps into your line.


#9. Love Thinks of No Evil

Literally speaking, love is not malicious; it doesn't seek the 'evil/wrong' in somebody. It doesn't dispose that whoever did what had a bad intention. Thus love will basically put us in the best possible position not to impute any ill-motive until we are compelled otherwise by substantial evidence.

This characteristic of love will prevent a lot of harm in our relationships as it gives room for discussion and investigation. Many at times we wrong people for very minute reasons or even when they had good intentions that appeared 'bad' to us.


#10. Love is Not Happy with Iniquity but Truth

Love does not rejoice when others have fallen into a trap, guilty of crime or under punishment. The point is, love does not stand a wrong, or its implementation.

It's not pleased that somebody has ruined his life by his vices, even if he's an enemy. It's rather saddened by such occurrences, and truly grief with these people, better still help where they can to save the situation.
But love does rejoice in truth, in good, in virtues. Yes, it rejoices in the success of others. Restrain from finding pleasure in the mistakes or shame of others. Find a way to stand with them. Always rejoice when something good has come their way; that's the nature of true love.


#11. Love Bears all Things

The true meaning of 'to bear' in this context is 'to cover' or 'to conceal', meaning that love does not expose the faults, wrongs or imperfections of other people. Love is long-suffering, and doesn't look to revenge. It doesn't haste to make any unnecessary publicity to a fault. That's love!


#12. Love Believes all things

This alludes that, as far as the conduct of others is concerned, love believes they have a good intention. This doesn't mean a person with love should believe even falsehood, neither doesn't need to inquire of the truthfulness of an incident, but it rather means there's a room to put the best believe that all is done in clear conscience.


#13. Love Hopes in all things

Hopes that all shall be well. No matter the situation. No matter the darkness. No matter the impact. All shall be well. Unless compelled otherwise, love hopes that wrongs can be turned, difficulties can come to an end and fears can vanish. Love will hold on till there's no possibility. Amazing!


#14. Love Endures all things.

That's clear; love remains strong under pressure and persecutions. It doesn't murmur. It even goes beyond personal endurance to bear other people's burdens.

Love remains strong. That's why Job said, "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him...I will maintain mine own ways before him."


#15. Love Never Ends

What a way to sum up this beautiful story! This is why we must search for love and yearn for it more than any gift. Love will never end. It will never fail. It will never fade. A time comes we shall stop giving to the poor. A time comes when we shall stop prophesying. There shall be no speaking in tongues in heaven. All the knowledge we've gathered shall come to naught. But love shall continue even to eternity! Amen!

Your Evaluation

Out of the 15 love traits, how many do you posses? How far/near are you to attaining true love? How can you gauge the level of love in our society? Do you think love can help eradicate some the vices witnessed in our society today? What can Love do? Feel free to share your knowledge.

Much blessings as you even purpose to exercise true love for your family, friends, enemies, colleagues and whoever is around you.