2 Life Principles Grandma's Demise Taught Me

The sting of death is truly painful, especially when we lose them so close to us; people who've effected our lives. People who've made an impact in us, and to whom our hearts have delved into and dined. 

That was the case when my sweet grand mum passed on 4 years ago.. Oh sweet grandma! It ain't a beautiful story, so I beg to stop there.

Nevertheless, her life and demise thought me two great life lessons which I'll share briefly.

Lesson 1: Body Strength Does Fade - Don't Boost A Lot 

Note this: Your body is a gift to you from God, what you do with it is a gift back to God (tweet that).

My grandma was a strong woman full of energy. She loved doing her work, maintaining her house and keeping herself clean. She even had a dairy cattle she kept by herself. What a woman!

But wait till she fell sick. She couldn't even feed herself, leave alone walking! I  couldn't believe my eyes. She was not that old, but the virus or whatever made her sick had eaten into her muscles and body systems, rendering her body of no value than paining her.

As humans, especially young people, we may forget that we not gonna be strong forever - body strength fades! Yes now you are young, beautiful, handsome, energetic, sharp minded, talented and sane. But it's good to remember that it won't be like this forever. All these qualities do fade, and they shall surely do.

The simple wisdom is to maximize the youthful life to do what one is meant to.

If you'd love to know how 'useless' bodies can become, take a walk in a hospital ward. Last week I accompanied a friend to visit his dad in Kenyatta Hospital. The dad had been attacked by conmen who broke one of his bones on the left thigh.

I guess nothing can be traumatizing like getting into a ward of fractured bones! The pain. Anguish. Kind of treatment. Sleepless nights. Ouch!

Are you healthy? Of sound mind? Is your body system intact? Thank God and give him the best gift - use your body for his glory. Work hard in all you're doing; it's NOW. A time comes when you'll lose body strength. A week to passing away, my grandma couldn't even recognize me - not by sight, not by hearing, not by touch. All the body system was corrupt and gone!

Lesson 2: Appreciate People While Time Allows

Another point worth tweeting: Don't let any issue deter you from appreciating somebody, lest you regret a gone opportunity.

Giving a sermon in a church to promote good fatherhood in the movie "Courageous" by Kendrick brothers, Alex Kendick (acting like Adam Mitchell) regrets how he didn't utilize well the time God gave him to spend with his daughter Emily, who died on a road accident. 

One memory that spikes his heart most is when Emily asks him to join her in a dance, a request Adam turns down because he got ashamed since they were at a public place. Months after the demise, he bitterly wishes he seized the opportunity to please his daughter. He actually drives to that dancing venue and goes to dance alone, crying. What peace could have transcended in his heart if he killed his pride and danced with the girl? He only wished he could turn back the hands of time. But as you can guess, it wasn't possible.

I really had great moments with grandma. The most thrilling happened when she started ailing. I with my two young brothers took her to hospital after which we came back to her house, did some good shopping and cooked her best dish for lunch. We ate together, laughed and enjoyed. We made her day, if not a week and months. That incident and many more pours a lot of peace to my heart whenever I remember that awesome woman; that I did appreciate her life as a gift to me.

There is a reason why people come your way. Our human hearts and minds will always want to think how we can benefit from these people. And there's this notion of destiny connectors; as in God brings people our way to help us get to our destiny. OK, that is very true, but people may also come your way because you're their destiny connector. Embrace the giving mentality. Stretch out your hand. Be a blessing to somebody. May it be said "was it not for you...".

Helping some people can really be hard. Others can swing their legs while you're carrying them. In such a case you truly have the rights to surrender. 

But if you think you have the capacity to help a life jump a huddle, no matter how little, please go ahead. If you can impact a single life positively, please don't give up, press on. Don't let any obstacle block you from helping an individual achieve his dreams. You're a pillar in his life, just imagine what happens when you decide to quit. Stick there and help. 

May be that small encouragement is all they needed to hold on to the next big opportunity. Who knows what your little mentorship may lead to? Simply do your part as a pillar. Be patient with their shortcomings. We all need love, and when true love abides, all things melt down. Anybody can change, give them some time.

I strongly believe this two life principles will help produce what we call "a life well lived". May God give us wisdom to live our days effectively, and the soft hearts to see the need in them around us.

Much blessings and a fulfilled life!
Back to you: Which of the two points is more relevant to you? Any advice on how to well utilize our days? Feel free to share your wisdom and hit that share button to reach our friends.