Consumer Or Producer?

I just realized a shocking scenario; No! A tragedy, depending on the weight you may give it. I've not grown that old, but when I was young, We used to invent games; talk of hide and seek, bano,...the great toys we created...Oh how I miss those days! We made our own football balls. Cha mama-cha baba! Wow so creative kids we were. If you know none of these child-age games, you may replace them with what you played...lol.

My shocking scenario is on the present kid. Aha! With play stations, tablets and automated toys. Notice the difference?

In our times, we consumed what we produced. The present kid consumes what has been produced. The difference is the level of thinking developed by these two types of kids. I understand that some of these digital games are meant to help a kid think, because they must maneuver their way to winning, but at the end of the day, they don't develop them into a people this world requires: Producers.

Away From Kids.

It's unfortunate that the same trend is so evident in the present youth. Everyone is looking for a PRESENT answer to their problem; what somebody else has produced. We want jobs in big-ready-made companies, we want to join already running financial groups and SACCOs. We want to marry GOOD people(who're already developed and stable). We want to join strong churches where people have done everything so we can relax and be blessed. Oh my generation! Hardly do we think of solving a problem or being a solution to others.

This world is full of consumers and it need no more!

Our Education System, A Problem?

One very wrong mentality most of the world school education gives a student is this one: Go to school, study hard, pass exams and secure a good-big job. This good job, by the way is somebody's innovation, somebody's dream come true.

I must confess I had the same thinking even after I finished college, maybe that's why I'm where I am. It's until I read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad, a book suggested to me by a friend, I guess an angel sent to me by God, since it made a turning point in my life.

This book illustrated to me how bad our education system is, because it doesn't prepare students with the skills to tackle life ahead of them. It doesn't teach students on handling money. It doesn't develop us into being producers.; it doesn't tell us on how to become entrepreneurs. It simply produces consumers.

I guess you've heard the world complain that our universities are not producing a people ready for the job market. I recently attended the Business Network International (BNI) East Africa Annual Conference, held here in Nairobi. It's a network of CEO who've come together to help market their businesses by building referrals to gain new business. One of the guest speakers, Polycarp Igathe, Managing Director of VIVO ENERGY KENYA, the new company behind the Shell brand in Africa, expressed his concern on the present job seekers saying that its not the class and certificates that mater any more but, the skills in a person.

But, I Can Excuse The Youth 

We can all agree that almost all of us, in fact all of us, were not born when this systems were being laid. We've been born and brought up in this system.

I've said in the article "A Time To Switch Over?!" that our character and mannerism depend on where and by who we were brought up. And none really chooses where they are born, by whom they are brought up. But you're affected by all this funny surrounding. 

My boss gave me a story on how he was not admitted to a National High school, despite the fact that he had the qualifications, because of the community he came from. This affected and to some extent killed his morale to excel in life - and he'll never forget that. You may miss your rightful job, because somebody wants to deploy his relative. We don't care of your qualifications.

We can have wrong people with wrong qualifications leading a given ministry simply because they are famous. That's what a wrong system can do.

Having said that, we can conclude that it's not our fault.

So, Shall We Wait To Die? 

If you jump from a long steep creep, you shall surely die. What about an innocent child who was playing? Shall he be save because he didn't know? No, he shall surely die, too.

As much as we might be innocent, we need to salvage ourselves. The answer is not in the government. It's not in the big companies we want to work for. It's not in god-fathers. The answer is within us. The youth. We must wake up. We must do something. We must offer a solution to this world.

I do look with pity-amid-tears at the vulnerability of the future of a young person. Look, life is not simply going to get better. Each year the government increases taxes. The population increases. The pressure on resources rise. This translates to moral draining and rise of crime and insecurity. Yea, even if somebody may really want to help, even if the government gives promise, the truth is they don't have the capacity and the resources to deliver; and if they'll manage to help, very few individuals shall gain.

Then my head goes crazy and spiny.

The Imbalance

This is the problem: The consumers much far outweigh the producers. We're killing some few individuals who are working hard to produce solutions. We are too many for them. We want the best fashion of cloth or shoe, but we don't want to produce it. We cherish yummy food, but we want somebody to make it. We desire that smart phone, but we don't even want to know how it functions.We really want a better organized organization, but not learning the managerial skills. Don't you think you can lead people too? Don't you think you can produce something too? Oh yes, you can!

You Can Be Part Of The Solution?

Answering the question "Why we want you to be rich", another beautiful book co-authored by Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki, these men say it's because they want you be part of the solution. We have enough problems, we don't need to create any more.

Being part of the solution is helping produce answers to this world's questions in line to making life easier. We're all gifted and graced differently. We can't all be bloggers like Job. Some of us can make great designers. Some engineers. Musicians. Business people. Motivational speakers. Preachers. Models. Doctors. Film producers...the list is endless. 

God puts such gifts and talents in us so we can be of value to others. Take time and decide on what you can capable of doing. (Read the article "The Concept of Camera Focusing" to learn more on choosing the right career)

Why The Youth?
I really bank on young people because we have TIME, ENERGY and OPPORTUNITY. 

Bill Gates was 21 and Paul Allen 23 when they founded Microsoft.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were 21 and 26 respectively when they founded Apple. 

Mark Zuckerberg was only 20 when he launched Facebook!

The examples are many. But this should not discourage you, be encouraged, like me..lol..People like Harland Sanders started so late but still arrived. Harland is the man behind Kentucky Fried Chicken, famously known as KFC, which he open when he was 65.

At times I really wish I knew what I know a bit early. Time is the only thing that makes the difference. Put your best foot forward, overcome the fear and make that first step to your greatness!

Back to you: Do you think we have the capacity to make a change in this world? In what ways can we be a solution to problems facing the world? Feel free to share your thoughts with us; and don't forget to hit that share button to reach our friends. 

Blessings and all the best as you meditate on making a difference!