Time To Switch Over?!

For the sake of parents or the elderly who may come across this article, may I start by saying that parents, guardians and the society play a critical role in molding a person.

Our mannerism, character, way of viewing life and core values mostly depend on where, how and by whom were we brought up. So it's my sincere request that each person ought to respect their backgrounds, honor their parents and families, and never look down upon their culture.

It's true, corruption is rampant in the country; it’s no miracle if young people follow suit because that's the system we've been
exposed to. If your parents fought every day, you may hate or fear having your own family. Some, on getting to a new town, may not attend a church service until they find one like their local church. Get what I'm saying?

It's important therefore to note that what you have acquired is either right or wrong. It might be right but unacceptable to present systems of living or adds no value to life.

That's why a point comes in life as a person you need to analyze whether what you posses is really of any help to you.

As I do say always, life is no rehearsal; we live and every minute counts. That's why you can't afford to take time thinking and investing in beliefs and systems that do not add value to your life. You must get determined to change since it's no joke uprooting the values that have taken deep roots in you. If you desire to take your life to another level, read on.

There are two critical dimensions in life one must re-consider: Cultural practices and beliefs, and Religious Beliefs.

Cultural Practices and Beliefs
We all know the famous saying, "No hurry in Africa." It simply means take your time. Don't worry of deadlines. Fate shall take its course. 

You might also have grown up knowing that to get help in our country you must give “kitu kidogo” (bribe).

By now you must be knowing that tribe your “community” MUST NOT marry from and therefore you must not even think of dating anybody from that particular community.

I hope we’re getting somewhere.

I must confess that I love my culture very much, especially when we're talking of the subject of morality and modesty. I truly love African culture. Oh beautiful Kenya!

If narrow down to Kisii land, I like the family system where every family member knows their role and position. Oh the great nutritious meals - banana dishes, sour milk and wimbi porridge! Talk of the governance system, where conflicts are solved amicably without partiality. Talk of the dress code full of respect…and many more.

 But there are few elements that soil the good culture, some of which is superstition. I listen to my friends describe a Kisii man and what they believe about him, and it shocks how wrong they are.

And every community has its way of life. It’s your duty to know your roots because you’ll surely be affected (if you haven’t already) in one way or the other. Very few people are interested to understand their culture and beliefs. 

Thus a point comes in life you need to sit down and analyze your family and community. One thing you MUST know is by virtue of birth, you’re connected to these people and since there’s life in blood, you share in what they did and what their system believes in; you have their blood. The fears they have might find some way into you. You might be believing in witchcraft or hold a certain view regarding the women in society because your community practiced it.

You need to ask yourself, how relevant are these practices? Of what help are they to me? Should I embrace them? What can I pick or drop? Please find out and decide what to follow.

Your Religion
Does spirituality make any meaning to me? Why do I go to church? Am I really on the right track?  These are some of the questions we earnestly must answer if the issue of our souls make any sense to us.

I know of guys who attend a certain church because that’s where they’ve grown up; that’s where their parents took them. I guess that’s a very shallow reason of attending church services for your entire lifetime.
Religion basically touches our souls, even though this also affects our way of life. And, friend, your soul is so valuable; you can’t afford to treat it so casually.

While in college, we’d a very strong Christian union which played a critical role in molding me spiritually. A time came that we must graduate and go out. I knew I needed to find a church to call home. For a period of two months, I attended a number of churches trying to find one that will serve my spiritual need until God led me to where I am.

I tend to believe one thing. Every church has a leader. Each of these leaders has been given a mandate to accomplish. The mandates differ. God has destined a certain people to support these ministries in one way or the other. I truly believe God has deposited some life essentials in our spiritual leaders which we can only receive if we get connected to them. We’ve a role to pray in landing on the right spiritual leaders. We can be faithful members to one church only. That’s why you need to know whether  you’re in the right church, under the right leader. The best way to know is asking yourself, “Why and how did I start attending this church?” 
If the bellow statements form part of the reasons why you’re a member to that church, then I recommend you reconsider your choice:

1.    My family attends the same church.
2.    Our church has great music!
3.    I need blessings.
4.    Our pastor is good and gentle to us, not so hard on sin.
5.    It’s a mega church! Oh the magnificent building!
6.    Nobody troubles me. Nobody follows up on me. I’ve a lot of freedom. I go to church when I feel like.
7.    No pressure to pray and read the Bible regularly.

All of the above are red signals.

So,  are you a Christian? Why?
Are you a Muslim? Why?
Are you a Hindu? Why?
Are you a pagan? Why?
Are you a an atheist? Why?

One truth is, there is a supernatural power. Some know who they worship, some don’t. If you’re not sure and interested to know you need to do one thing: Get somewhere alone, uninterrupted. Be sincere, deep from within, that you need to know this Supernatural God. Ask Him to reveal himself to you. He surely has a million ways to do this. He may not do it at that time, don’t give up. Do your part. He’ll lead you to knowing Him. This is a personal issue. It’s your soul connecting to the true eternal God.  Your parents can’t decide your eternal destiny. Your pals can’t. Your tribe or community mustn’t. It’s all about you. Decide!

Better still, you can contact me through this blog. I'm more than willing to help out. If we can sort the issue of spirituality in your life and snatch your soul from eternal destruction, then this blog will have served the most of its purpose. And I'll be happy. 

The worst of the worst

The worst disease is believing you know when you truly don’t. I read a post on Google+ that said that ‘the heart that is far from God is the one that thinks it is near. ‘ That’s veeeery true. Such a belief will make your heart stubborn to receiving the truth. Don’t be found in such a category. It’s dangerous.

It's time to switch over.

Back to you: Do you think it's important that we make independent decisions regarding the forces that will drive our lives and what we want to believe in? Have you made any so far? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comment box bellow.