Are These Pot-holes Swallowing Your Time?

As human beings, we're wired to consider urgency first (things that demand our immediate response) before importance (things that add major bricks to accomplishing long term goals).

Remember it's not a behavioral trait, it's something we're naturally created with. But a successful story is not built of the many agent things we do but rather the few most important things we achieve.

Managing time is harder because it's simply harder to change this wiring within us; this
change requires you go against your mind and the people around you - the society at large. But if we do have any plan to effect this world we must conquer this barrier. The question is how?


How To Master Tour Time


1. Have a plan

We can't over-emphasize this. You must have a program on what, how and where to spend your time. That includes a day's plan to life-time plan. You must know when to wake up, what to do first, during the day and when you'll sleep.

Plan when to clear a project, when you anticipate to marry, and when to retire. I know it's not easy, especially on waking up and sleeping. I hope you ain't among them that wake up when the sleep is over...lol!


2. Learn To Say NO!

Daily petty distractions consume a good amount of our precious time. More than often we're pushed to doing some assignments or things people ask us to do and aren't worth our time. We shy off or fear rejection or desire to look good. But at the long run, we'll be affected. Learn to say NO! You'll be amazed at how much time you'll safe by simply using that single word appropriately.

But you're not going to say no to everything; weigh out a situation and wisely determine its fate.


3. Your TV!

This is another monster. Suppose you're spending 3 hours a day on TV, that translates to 21 hrs/week, 90hrs/month, 1,095hrs/year. What can you do with 90hrs a month? 

The tricky with time is it elapses in seconds, and that to many is so minimal. This is the power of a second: it can be the only time one needs to miss an accident!

It's good to to keep updated but, I guess, it's unfair watching both 7 o'clock and 9 o'clock news since they are have the same content but for the language. You can choose one and make sure supper is ready so you can eat while watching. But if something ain't really important, please avoid watching, especially when it destructs you from your day's plan.


4. The Rule of Golden Hour

This is the 1 hour out of the 24 when you're most productive; when you can do what could have possibly take you a whole day.

For many people, I included, is the first hour in the morning. At this time, my mind is fresh, and there are no distraction at all. I can concentrate and do quality work within a short time.

This is the time to do the most important agenda of the day. Discover your golden hour and stick to it; you'll never regret it.


5. Unnecessary Notifications

If you went to your email, you'll find notifications from all over; Facebook, tweeter, Google, promotional emails, and others you didn't even subscribe to. You may go reading them to see if they contain anything important. Then proceed to deleting. All through you're spending your time - and it's a daily routine.

It really doesn't help anything if I received a notification that somebody has sent me a friend request on Fb; I'll see it when I open my account. Follow those links and unsubscribe to such notification or go to the site itself and choose what you want notified you via email. 

Perhaps the most important thing is drawing your line between the most importance and urgency. Learning what it means by most  important and urgent. What might be argent to me may be important to you; it takes personal evaluation. But generally, most of the tusks we didn't plan for are argent; issues we meet on our way of accomplishing the important ones.

Blessings and happy time management!

Have your say: What other ways can we manage time efficiently, or which of the above measures to do you find more effective?