3 Deadly "After-Committing Behaviors" That Will Kill Your Relationship

You loved this person. Followed. Waited. Endured patiently.

And he/she came at last. Accepted your desire to share your life with him.

2-5-17 months later, you are enemies. Soul-mates to enemies, not even friends. No more love. No more feelings. No more desire. What went wrong?

The Blessed Hope...Do You Have It?

Perhaps, nothing really moves my heart like a thought on eternal destiny of a soul; and for some reason, a soul of a young person - and the same is true to God.

Maybe it's because as young people we're at the peak of life where we're vulnerable to life pressures. Maybe because we're at a point of making major life decisions and just a decision can either make or destroy us - completely. Maybe because we can

Of the 4, Who Are You?

To me, and indeed all of us, life is a journey. We tend to drive towards a destiny, whether we know it or not.

As a day passes we make a step.

Being a journey, there are basically 4 categories of people riding on this vehicle:
  • Driver
  • Passenger
  • Baggage 

2 Life Principles Grandma's Demise Taught Me

The sting of death is truly painful, especially when we lose them so close to us; people who've effected our lives. People who've made an impact in us, and to whom our hearts have delved into and dined. 

That was the case when my sweet grand mum passed on 4 years ago.. Oh sweet grandma! It ain't a beautiful story, so I beg to stop there.

Nevertheless, her life and demise thought me two great life lessons which I'll share briefly.