Of the 4, Who Are You?

To me, and indeed all of us, life is a journey. We tend to drive towards a destiny, whether we know it or not.

As a day passes we make a step.

Being a journey, there are basically 4 categories of people riding on this vehicle:
  • Driver
  • Passenger
  • Baggage 
  • The All
It's important you understand in which category you belong so you can make decisions to move in the right direction. The first stage to healing is identifying what's ailing you.

1. Drivers

This are solution-oriented people. You'll know you're a driver if you do make things happen. You give directions. You represent hope when things seem to stagnate; people look up to you for solutions.

This obviously is a sweet description, but it comes with a cost. It means you must always be ready with up-to-date answers for any issue that arises. You must master (well) the road to the destination. Do you understand the journey you are in? What obstacles are you likely to encounter? How prepared are you to tackle these obstacles?

Does your boss assign you duties more often? Is your business making the anticipated growth? How about your family/personal/spiritual life? If you're truly making advancement in these areas, then you can as well say you're a driver. But before that, see if you've any of the following traits!

2. Passengers

Passengers do watch things happen. Yes, they are(might be) concerned but they really don't get involved in moving the vehicle. As long as everything is ok, they are contended. 

Contentment with "just enough" is the biggest characteristic of this group. The day rose and set. You ate. Wore. Show up at the work place. Did the normal assignments. Paid your bills. Full stop. Enough.

Passengers do best in celebrating others, especially when the success benefits them. Drivers could love to be celebrated. Passengers won't care much.

The danger of being a passenger is that you won't make any significant impact in life since you don't have initiative to envision and plan for a BIG future. You know your destination (a sense of dream) but you lack the inner self motivation to push that dream to action - and as you might be knowing, there ain't results without action!

3. Baggage

This is the worst place to find yourself, and by the fact that you're reading this article, I truly belief you can't be found in this category of people.

The baggage category always wonder what happened. They can't tell where they are, where they want to be and why. That's enough said for this group. If I may write in the King James Version English: Beg I thee, don't be in this group.

4. The All

This are drivers who miss a balance in life. They are very good in a one sphere of life but perform poorly in another. A good example is a man who produces results at work but fails to raise a health family for one reason or another. You might be a driver at your career, a passenger at family welfare, a baggage in spiritual life. Striking a balance in all you do  is critical.

How to be a driver

We all want to be drivers and achieve the most with this gift of life. As I said, this category comes with a cost. You must sacrifice. Here are 3 tips to to help you secure a driver's seat:

  • Always be hungry

Never ever get satisfied. Desire to know more. Yearn to be of help at all times. Don't stop at the progress and success you've achieved. Go for more. You'll never exhaust life!

  • Maintain the high tides

The tides rise with the boat. This means you avoid the comfort zones and thrust yourself into activities and projects that will keep you alert and sharp all the time. Tides will keep you out of your comfort zone, which is a true way to achieving your dreams. If you're not solving a problem, then you're in a problem. Careful!

  • Live the Values

Care for others. Give. Get concerned. Disagree agreeably. A driver interacts with people, and it's these people who'll make your work easier and achieve results faster. By living the values, you'll surely get more blessings both from people and God. Don't be selfish and stinchy, please care.

  • Make family no. 1

Your family MUST be your topmost concern. We work and exist for our families. If we can't support, love and care for our families, of what business should we suffer all the struggles?

Back to you: Are you a true driver?