The Blessed Hope...Do You Have It?

Perhaps, nothing really moves my heart like a thought on eternal destiny of a soul; and for some reason, a soul of a young person - and the same is true to God.

Maybe it's because as young people we're at the peak of life where we're vulnerable to life pressures. Maybe because we're at a point of making major life decisions and just a decision can either make or destroy us - completely. Maybe because we can
easily break down since much is expected of us - from the family, government, industry, God. We're a target of every product for we're a ripe market to almost anything.

Oh the life of a young person! These precious souls! Who shall save us!

It's at this moment the illusions of the blessed hope sharply criss-crosses my mind leaving me feeling miserable, knowing that just a few, a few indeed, of young people have this hope. This hope of salvaging their souls from eternal fire and destruction. The hope of living and reigning for eternity with Christ. Worshiping the maker of the souls forevermore in His very presence! 

A good number have died without the hope and thus already missed the chance. You're alive, YOU HAVE THE CHANCE.

It Belongs to You!

Blessed hope is a promise which God, that cannot lie, promised to you before the world began. Yea, God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth. 

You were in His plan, though you were not physically manifested, yet had he purposed and promised to give you a hope and a future.

 Now through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we begot the hope...and it's certain we shall live and worship at His throne.

It's your gift! Prepared, designed and appointed just for you!

You can Reject this Gift

Nobody chooses to be given a gift, but one can reject to receive it. And that's what most have done to the gift of God.

As men, we're all undeserving by nature. It's in God's power to save us from eternal judgement and give us unending life. But God had from eternity resolved to do good. And by that, he has given every man, yes, every man, a chance to decide his own fate. 

This is true because He has willingly given His son Jesus Christ to die for us and went a step farther to present this knowledge to every individual.

 Those that perish do it by their own will by choosing to follow the path of death. God will not be blamed for not saving them against their own will. He that believes shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be damned. You can choose to accept this gift TODAY.

Careful! It Often Sounds Foolish

Yes, the news on the saving of our soul is often perceived foolishness to them that perish.

Is it true that a man who lived in a poor background in Nazareth can save people; a man who died the death as a punishment for slaves. How he that could not save himself have the powers to save others? 

But unto them which are saved this news is the power of God. They are able, by the grace of God, see the truth about Jesus; know the power in Him. It's the only way God brings His promise of blessed hope to pass. It's the only way by which god exerts the power to snatch a soul from the craws of eternal judgement. They are free them that come to Him, for there is no condemnation for them that are in Christ Jesus.

That's why you must be careful to view it as wisdom rather than foolishness, the angle by which most view it. It takes humility to experience the gift of God. The proud shall God reject.

Contend for Your Soul!

I began by saying young people's lives experience exerted pressures from all corners. Virtually, nothing gives us room to breath.

But amidst this atmosphere, we've a hope. We have a chance. We can, at least, decide; decide the destiny of our souls.

Stand firm and contend for your soul! It's so valuable. Don't accept to perish! Against all odds, fight for the salvation of your soul. God has done his part; He has presented the gift to you. The ball is in your court - if to choose or reject the gift. It all depends on your choice. choose wisely, CHOOSE THE BLESSED HOPE.

After that, take an extra mile and remember others - family, friends, colleagues. Pray and fight for them to have a steak in this cake.

Back to you: Do you have the 'blessed hope'? Do you think it's important to you?