Your Future Financial Security?! 10 Guidelines To Take You There

Talking of the four small wise things on earth, King Solomon says that ants ain't strong like people, 'yet they prepare their meat in the summer.' (Proverbs 30:25). The reasons are obvious, the ants won't be able to work during summer.

You can easily agree with me, anybody under 30 rarely thinks of future financial security, especially when talking about retirement. I being in this age bracket, I know for sure we've all these READY and PRESSING needs that we must meet; beginning a family, buying/building a house, getting a car, owning a plot somewhere, etc. That's good and approved. But when are you going to start thinking about your future? How

At Which Well Are You Waiting!

If you do remember, we did agree to sit and wait at well. In case this sounds news to you and you've not seen this photo on the right before, then you might need to read "Did You Meet Her At The Well Too" so that this article becomes more clear. 

It's actually one of my FB friends, Peter Talam, who aroused the thought that it's not enough just to be found at the well; but most importantly, one needs to know at what kind of well he/she is sitting.

How To Be Of Demand - To Your Boss!

Being the best at your workplace (and career in general) should be among your topping objectives. Yes, it's doubtlessly an exhausting venture considering how competitive the job market has grown with more people fighting for the very job you have.

Here I gather 8 straight-forward tips to help you maintain an upward trend and compel your boss want to retain, if not promoting you.

The Blessed 8: Are You In The List?

Who doesn't want to be happy?! Happiness is what we are all looking for. Young or old, rich or poor, educated or ignorant; everything we're doing is geared towards achieving happiness.

"Blessed" defines a state of well being, characterized by joy and true contentment. That's happiness.

Talking of blessed hope, I mentioned that these things (like what I'll share here bellow) appear to be foolishness, but the