At Which Well Are You Waiting!

If you do remember, we did agree to sit and wait at well. In case this sounds news to you and you've not seen this photo on the right before, then you might need to read "Did You Meet Her At The Well Too" so that this article becomes more clear. 

It's actually one of my FB friends, Peter Talam, who aroused the thought that it's not enough just to be found at the well; but most importantly, one needs to know at what kind of well he/she is sitting.

So my mind went thinking and here I make your work easier. All around there are a
number of places you can drink from while waiting. But you can't go tasting every water. I strongly believe God has strategically placed wells at points to serve particular people. There are houses dedicated to more of prayer, others worship, others do more of word feast, others have endless programs, etc. In essence, some water is being served. The question here is, "Are you drinking from the right well?" The answer to this question determines if you're waiting at the right well.

I'll basically discuss 3 types of well's and you can figure out where you belong. The scene takes place in a few verses of Genesis 26: 17-22. God greatly increased Isaac, though he was occupying a foreign land. It's the nature of God that he prospers them that belong to Him and are faithful and industrious.

Isaac had to find a way out to water his big  flock and people. So he went re-digging the wells his father had dug but the same Philistines, who sent Isaac away, did fill them with earth. These are the wells we're talking of.

Well #1: Esek

This is the well of striving. It's the  first well Isaac's servants dug. They truly found springing water but before they could celebrate, the herdmen of Gerar came ranting, "This is our water!" Now this is truly unfair and if a number of us could have been in the position of Isaac, we probably could have waged war. Just figure out re-digging a well, remembering this guys had no sophisticated equipment! It was a strenuous work.What does Isaac do? He simply gives the well "a bad" name and moves on. Esek, meaning the well of strife.

Strife ain't a beautiful word. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines strife as a "very angry or violent disagreement between two or more people or groups." The synonyms to strife are ugly words like contention, fighting, friction, rivalry and dissension. It's the antonym of the beautiful term: harmony.

It's simple, do you encounter fights, and strife at your point of drinking? It is not your place neither has God put your blessing at that point; my advice is move! Run faster; you're keeping somebody waiting at the right well!

Well #2: Sitnah

Isaac, a man with a clean heart, moves and re-digs another well. Funny enough, these Gerar guys fought for this well too! It really pains how people can be envious. It's the nature's corruption that humans grieve and fight against the good of others. Their hearts are filled with ungratefulness. The vanity of the world! they'd shamelessly taken away the well of Esek, now they are demanding Sitnah! 

You need to be ready for such surprises! That time you think you've reached your destination, there comes the enemy for your head.

I completely love the kind of person in Isaac. Even at this point, he honorably moved on. He named the well Sitnah, meaning the well of opposition and accusation. I don't know what his people and cattle were drinking all this time, but I've not seen anywhere any of them died. But I know for sure it was tough. 

Now none wants to be opposed at every point and accused at every move. As I say always, this life on earth is short, and you have a lot to accomplish. If you keep getting accused you'll live a sad life and you'll fulfill little of God's assignment. You're at the wrong well! Yes that water ain't salty or poisonous (for the herdmen of Gerar are drinking and yet living), but it's missing some precious minerals prescribed to you by God. Again, move!

Well #3: Rehoboth

At last! Don't get weary, this is your destination. God is faithful and merciful, he won't keep you wondering all the time.

Rehoboth, the well of room and space! Doesn't that sound beautiful? I want to be found there. I like what Genesis 26:22 "...and he called the name of it Rehoboth; and he said, For now the LORD hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land."

Room. Space. Freedom. Liberty. Opening. Opportunity. Capacity. Endless growth. That's what it literally means to be found at Rehoboth. It's a place your heart is at peace. The place your soul gets nourished. A place you long to be. 

Characteristics of Rehoboth

You'll know you're at Rehoboth if:
i) You get refreshed by the ministry being offered.
ii) You're not facing contentions and fights from them around you.

iii) No striving to achieve your goals; there's harmony.

iii) Growth and expansion is evidence in whatever you're doing - spiritually, relationship-wise, materially...

Some Bit Of Wisdom

As I said, there are a number of wells around, and all serve water, by the way. And fresh water for that matter. The question is do you have a share there. Each and every church, each and every spiritual father has been given a mandate to oversea and water specific souls. And I believe God has placed your blessings along this path. When you are under the right anointing, you won't strife, for along the way you meet what is meant to complete your life - and a partner is part of that plan.

On March 17th this year, My spiritual mum, Pst. Asunta Juma, said something I'll never forget. She was giving a welcome note to new members who'd joined our church. She told them, "We're committed and really intending to present you before God blameless on that last day." You need to read that again and ponder over it to really understand the burden on true servants of God. So won't you make their work easier please? Be obedient, tameable and teachable.

Back to you: Are you at the right well?