How To Be Of Demand - To Your Boss!

Being the best at your workplace (and career in general) should be among your topping objectives. Yes, it's doubtlessly an exhausting venture considering how competitive the job market has grown with more people fighting for the very job you have.

Here I gather 8 straight-forward tips to help you maintain an upward trend and compel your boss want to retain, if not promoting you.

1. Master your career map

One tragedy that may befall you is not having a proper 'architectural' design of your career. Are you able to explain how far you've come, where you are and where you want to be as far as your career journey is concerned? What do you want to be in life? For how long are you planning to work - when do you want to retire, or are you planing to work full time?

Questions in this line need to be answered as early as possible. This will help you set the pace and direction of what you're doing. Employers like people who know what they need and with a sense of direction - because they're settled to work.

2. Promote your work

Long gone are days when people got promoted because they have worked long with the company; get it right, it's what you've done for the organization that matters. That's why your achievements need to be known (to the right people).

It's true good work will express itself and God has a way of rewarding faithfulness, but make sure the manager knows about your accomplishments and all those sacrifices that make the company grow by gaining a reputation or win a deal. Only don't overdo it, be reasonable and professional.

3. Build an entrepreneurial mindset

Almost all organizations solely exist to make a profit. This could easily be achieved if the team involved understood how a business works. It's not in vain having a know-how on cash flow, risk management, product formation and improvement. Look for unseen opportunities in your organization and work toward implementing them. These practices not only will greatly improve your reputation, but also will prepare you well in case you may need to start your own business in future. Trust me you'll need these skills.

People with entrepreneur mindset are rare to find, that's why there are more consumers than producers. Read my article 'Producer or Consumer' for more insights.

4. Be Up-to-date technologywise

If you resist change, soon you'll be a lone-ranger. And one change you must embrace to remain relevant in job market is technology. It's a digital era and the more you know the better placed you are to lead your peers. Update yourself of what's new in your field. This will put you on a high notch in solving problems and handling new equipments. Take advantage of internet, the most rich and resourceful tool to learn from.But be cautious to increase the value of your time spent online.

5. Work on Your Soft Skills

There are two types of soft skills you need to work on: Self-management skills and people skills. Self- management skill point at personal perception and how we manage emotions. They include among others: self confidence and esteem, stress management and self motivation. People skills determine how we're perceived by others and they include communication skills, team work skills, problem solving skills and leadership skills. Lei Han, a career coach, has written a good article on improving your soft skills. You can read it here.

6.  Be Positive-minded

Avoid looking everything from the fault side. Don't go complaining about everything. In most cases, the problem itself ain't the problem, but the attitude we create towards the problem. Create a lovely environment for anyone to enjoy working in. When a problem arises, instead of pointing fingers, seek to find a solution. This world has enough problems, you'll be much appreciated if you came up with solutions.

7. Don't Lie!

I've never know why even a slightest lie to your manager can cost you a whole career - even when the lie itself can't be proven. When your name gets into the lying list, your credibility automatically begin a downward road. And once destroyed, credibility can take ages to rebuild. Just don't lie.

8. Re-evaluate your Spare time

How and where you spend out-of-office time is essential. Despite the fact that you are away from your desk, you can still develop your career. Engage in activities that will help foster your career like attending meaningful forums, watching a resourceful movie or even visiting a workmate. Generally, be mindful of your career and work as even you spend your spare time. 

If you possessed the above qualities, who will be bold enough to send you away? You'll be irresistible. What will determine our success in career and life in general is how we spend the time and chance that comes our way. Utilize yours better.

Back to you: Any other way you know we can build our believability and productivity at the work place? Share your wisdom with us. Don't forget to hit that share button to reach other friends. Blessings!!