The Blessed 8: Are You In The List?

Who doesn't want to be happy?! Happiness is what we are all looking for. Young or old, rich or poor, educated or ignorant; everything we're doing is geared towards achieving happiness.

"Blessed" defines a state of well being, characterized by joy and true contentment. That's happiness.

Talking of blessed hope, I mentioned that these things (like what I'll share here bellow) appear to be foolishness, but the
truth of the matter is, they are the very pillars that hold true life happiness. It's only them that are able to see sense in the seemingly 'silly
things' that make it. Ask the rich, they'll tell you severally they were despised for what they began doing, but because they knew where they were going, they did persist; and you can witness where they are.

Jesus gives a list of the blessed 8 and I beseech you to work hard to be counted blessed in this manner for there in lies the true blessing, joy and happiness. Gauge yourself:


1. The Poor in Spirit

 If I did an article about the poor - how to be poor - very few will have a reason to spend their time reading it, but here is a kind of poverty I exhort everyone to fight to have: poverty of the spirit.

It's having a humble opinion of oneself; acknowledging that with human efforts non of us can safe his soul. Accepting the fact that we're sinners with no hope, was it not for the grace of God. Now that's not a simple thing to do as it seems. As humans, we're naturally arrogant, all-knowing and self righteous, and that's dangerous!

I don't know why Jesus always had a connection with the poor. He almost at all occasions associated Himself with the poor and appeared to favor them that the rich. I guess it's because the poor have the tendency to be abased, and ready to accept that is provided. That's the very state God expects us to be; readily receive the grace. Be willing to go where he leads. A song goes:

"where you go, I go, Where you stay, I stay,
 When you move I move, I will follow you!

That's a heart of one poor in Spirit. Oh that you may not be rich in spirit. That you may not be arrogant and filled!

You're blessed you that is poor in spirit for the kingdom of heaven is yours! Its guaranteed - by Jesus. Being poor in spirit will put you in a constant dependance upon the saving grace of God making you grow in the things of God.
It must not be misunderstood that the rich with earthly things have no place in the kingdom of heave. Though earthly wealth can greatly affect your chances of partaking in this blessing, it's your understanding and acceptance that earthly wealth is vanity when it comes to spiritual matters. That's why its said, what shall profit a man to own the whole world and lose his soul?


2. The Mourning

One common yearning of young people is securing a better future. One major thing we often forget is we can't do any meaningful change until we get tired and fed up with our current state. Until we say enough is enough. You'll  be happy if you get into that state because you shall surely look for a solution.

The mourning applied here though is the one for sins. If only we knew the danger of being in sin and the devastating impact sin brings to life, then we could easily mourn and cry for help.

Blessed are them with this knowledge, and not only having it, but have mourned 'for godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation.' Them that mourn over their sins; that know the pain they have caused in God's heart, wounded and afflicted for their evil acts; the same are blessed because they shall be comforted by God. Yea, he has promised that He shall wipe away their tears. He has announced, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." And the comforter, the Holy Spirit, shall comfort you even here on earth. oh the blessed comfort!


3. The Meek

This is hard both to understand and accept. Why? Because meekness requires you be patient in reception of injuries; accepting injuries knowing that God shall vindicate you. I guess it's the hardest thing to do.

Teachings like "avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath...Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord" are the hardest to follow.

Jesus did it. Paul followed the teaching. The early church went through the same. We can't be an exception, if we need a blessing.

Meekness can only be found in a heart too big to be stopped by insults but does pity them that bring them forth.

You're blessed if you are meek because you shall surely inherit the earth, meaning you shall be accepted into the Kingdom of Jesus, here on earth and even the kingdom to come. The prayer says, "Let your Kingdom come." 

Ordinarily, It's the humble and patient that are prosperous. They also say the customer is always right. If you are quarrelsome and impatient, it'll be hard to make it in life because you'll scatter people instead of gathering them to your reign. Meekness reduces fights, brings peace and therefore happiness. That's a blessing.


4. Them that Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness

Food and water are the most important basic needs for without them one dies. Nothing can be so distressing like the luck of the two.

Hunger and thirst reveal a great desire. Only them that have truly mourned for their sins can hunger and thirst for righteousness. They search with zeal the salvation of their hearts. They thirst for pardon and forgiveness. They know their lostness and wretchedness.

If you are in this state, you shall surely be filled; God is faithful and not a man that He should lie - he shall fill you with righteousness. Yea, you shall eat i plenty and be satisfied! It's God's desire and willingness to fill the hollow hearts seeking to be filled.


5. The Merciful

Them touched by the affliction of others. Them affected by the pains and suffering of others. Them that pity even whom they know not. such are blessed, because they shall not lack. 

One known secret to multiplying what you have is giving it out. Amazing.

I think God blesses the merciful because they directly imitate Him. Nothing is God good at doing like showing mercy, for we're not worth to receive anything, but by His grace and mercy we have all, even eternal life!

He cares for us, leads during the day and watches over us in the night. He shines the sun and pours the rain both to sinners and the righteous. Wonderful God!

Blessed are you the merciful for God shall be merciful to you.
It's important to note here that this should be done in honor of God and not personal gains and appraisal. God is interested in your heart more than anything. So the reason behind your mercy matters too.


6. The Pure in Heart

I love this. I hunger and thirst for it. Purity of the heart. You're pure in heart if your motives, principles, intentions and mind is pure. You go beyond impressing people and seek to please God. It's called storing gold in heaven. Read my article on understanding eternal judgement for more insights on types of works (Read the part on "two basic divisions).

Pure in heart? You shall see God! What a favor! A favor to stand before the Judge of judges and to be shown mercy! To be in the very presence of Jehovah God!
Against all odds, desire to be pure in heart; that all you do shall be approved of God, not desiring the praises of men like many do, but that your conscience shall bear witness to you of being pure and holy, tried and true.


7. Peacemakers

The world is full of trouble makers; them always seeking to find a reason to cause turmoil and distress. Blessed are you if you work against them. If you strive and take it upon yourself to stop fights, contentions and quarrels. Working hard to reconcile parties. No wounder peace resides with counselors and mediators.

A deadly contention that can lead to big loss can be stopped by a small intervention. If you purpose to make peace, then you shall be called God's child , you shall be like Him; His seed, for God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. And do you know what it means to be a son? You shall inherit from Him wealth unmeasured, even the incorruptible treasures.


8. Persecuted for Righteousness' sake

Oppressed, pressed down and vexed because of religion. Persecuted because of the genuine desire to please God, for being His friend and following His commandment. Such are blessed because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them - not just because they were persecuted, but because they have evidence that they loved God more than anything. They cared to be on His side and stood with Him even when the conditions were not favorable.

It's wisdom though not to go looking for persecution. Always desire to be good to people and obedient to the laws of the land for it's God who allows governments to be established. nevertheless, count it a blessing if the negatives come your way for righteousness' sake.

It amazes me the group of people Jesus decided to promise his heavenly blessing: The poor in spirit, those mourning, the meek, those who hunger and thirst, the merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers and them persecuted. There's a good reason to this, make it your goal to be found in the list. gauge yourself, examine your heart and life; are you missing any of the above?
You're blessed!