Have You DONE Thanks, To God?

Early this morning a strong thought gripped my mind - the fact that 2013 is over, this being the last day. To many, it has been speedy. Ups-and-downs. Challenges-amid-achievements. Cries-and-laughter. Tough.

Amid all this drama, here we are again looking forward to another brand new year, 2014. Good.

I'm going to make this article short, just to remind us on the importance of remembering, and how to thank God for all He's done this year.

Your Heart Is Deceitful, Above All Things!

The Heart of Man
The heart is a very essential organ in the body of a human being. It’s the centre of life for all mankind; it controls the emotions and the will of man. In addition, the heart controls the thoughts and the words that proceed from the mouth of every man. 

In several occasions in the Holy Bible where God addresses the heart, He gives us a blueprint of the condition of the heart. The heart as referred to in the Bible represents the emotions and the will of man.

My 10 Favorite Bible Verses (That Have Impacted My Life)

Whenever we read the Word, we're inspired, encouraged, corrected and above all made better. And everyone receives as God, graciously, gives him/her. It's hard to point out the best verses, since they are many and all of God's word has a purpose to fulfill. But I've chosen from the many verses that have made a greater impact in my life and present them here. It's my sincere hope that you'll be blessed too!

Personal Growth: 3 Ingredients You Need Most

The real development we often desire in life is vigorous. It's a daily step-by-step growth that requires self discipline. Meaningful things in life seldom come in a silver platter.

And here I elaborate 3 essential ingredients you need to make any growth in life: Choice, Change and Climate.

1. Choice

In life every individual is on a race and we all choose our lanes. Choose to grow - NOW. You need to invest in you to be ready when your time comes.

Young Person, 3 Blindfolds You Must Keenly Watch!

Have you ever looked at a situation and you're like 'I wish I knew this earlier'? Most commonly at that point there is little you can salvage, if any.

First of all, may I state that I'm not really victimizing anybody. I'm basically presenting the cry of my heart - that we may all realize the full potential in us. This is a on-fact-article; kind of an eye opener.

As a matter of fact, I'm watching a number of older people regretting because they didn't do what they were meant to do at a given time. I'm sharing my observation so that you don't become such an example. In whatever state of life you are, no matter your class, sooner than you