Have You DONE Thanks, To God?

Early this morning a strong thought gripped my mind - the fact that 2013 is over, this being the last day. To many, it has been speedy. Ups-and-downs. Challenges-amid-achievements. Cries-and-laughter. Tough.

Amid all this drama, here we are again looking forward to another brand new year, 2014. Good.

I'm going to make this article short, just to remind us on the importance of remembering, and how to thank God for all He's done this year.

Are you in the 10%?

If i may use my journalistic skills, I may say, according to Jesus of Nazareth, only 10% of people
remember to give thanks. The statistics come from the story of 10 guys He healed of leprosy; only one came back to Jesus to give thanks. Don't accept to be accounted in the 90%.

What's thanksgiving?

The term thanksgiving is derived from the Greek word eucaristia, which is a combination of two words; eu (give) and caristia (grace). These therefore implies that thanksgiving is a grateful acknowledgement of the past mercies. It is giving back in recognition of the grace/help/support/deliverance you received in the past.
In most cases, you didn't deserve what you receive.

How to Give thanks

First, be specific. You ought to know why you are giving thanks. Take your pen and notebook, write down what you have achieved this year in point form. Point out those areas you're aware God fought for you or helped you overcome or make a move. This way you'll have a candid reason to give thanks, and therefore the act will be meaningful to you.

Don't despise those small achievement!

Most often, it's the combination of small steps that really make the bigger picture. If one of those steps is scraped off, your picture will be incomplete. And at times it's these small movements that lead to bigger doors. For instance, if you overcame fears to begin something, that's a point worth noting because if you couldn't triumph over the fears of quitting that job or starting that business, you couldn't be where you are today. So, how did you overcome that fear? Where did you get the small capital? How about that friend you were connected to and he/she opened a whole new opportunity? Note all these.

It's Giving not saying

It's wise to do "thanks giving than "thanks saying". We can all easily say thanks, though it is still hard to some because it actually takes humility to say thank you. But very few do "give" thanks because it's a sacrifice. Nobody is going to instruct you to give thanks. None will measure the gratitude you must return; it's all a personal decision. So if you truly desire to give thanks, then give sacrificially. Let it cost you something.

Where to take your giving?

1. To your church

All the year long, God, through his servants, has fed you spiritually, strengthened and encouraged you to press on. You have received various ministries. It's just beautiful to go back and give thanks. If you 'have a family, it could be better to do it together.  Decide what you can give to thank God for the protection you've received, from even the snares you knew not of; for provisions - you paid school fees, ate, paid bills etc; for growth - spiritually, materially. It's all about God. if you're single like me, you've an advantage of doing it faster since you'll not go consulting no one...lol!

2. To the disadvantaged

The less disadvantaged, the needy, orphans...are all around us. Find a way you can be a blessing to them. When you give to such people, you're actually lending God. You can imagine how God can pay back.

3. Friends and family

These are people who've stood with you throughout the year, or at a given point. Remember to do thanks giving and bless them for their goodness. If you have a business, you may also want to thank your workers and customers, in case you haven't done so; there's still time.

Why we Thank God?

I'm specifically concerned with thanking God. We all have various reasons why we can thank Him. We can't finish counting His blessings and doings in our lives; they are like the sands of the sea; God is so marvelous. But here I quickly list some reasons as to why we need to thank Him:
  • He has delivered us from darkness.
  • He has qualified us - remember without Him we amount to nothing.
  • He has redeemed us and made us His!
  • Giving to God demonstrates our total dependency on Him - that we truly know we couldn't achieve anything without His hand being on our side.
  • It's commanded in the scripture; not giving thanks means we're proud. Obedient is better than sacrifice!



It's important to note that thanks giving is eternal, just like worship.The book of Revelation 7:12 records of angels in heaven saying, "...Blessings, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving...be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen." Purpose to practice this eternal virtue. Seek your heart and find a better way of giving thanks.

 Have you done thanks?

Blessings and see you next year...(oh! from tomorrow, actually!) for more great encouragement, wisdom and information. Happy and prosperous 2014!